People often accuse those who make movies of running out of ideas, but should we now start saying the same about TV shows? With almost countless small screen remakes of movies and reboots/returns of classics like The X-Files and 24 out or on the way, perhaps we should!

The latest big screen release to join that ever expanding group is Training Day, the movie which earned Denzel Washington an Oscar back in 2002. However, before dismissing this one entirely, it does actually have quite a bit going for it. For starters, original director Antoine Fuqua will be taking the helm of the pilot, while Castle’s Will Becall will write it.

This version of Training Day is going to be set 15 years after the events of the original and will revolve around an idealistic African-American rookie cop joining the police force to be paired with what’s described as “a seasoned, morally ambiguous Caucasian detective.”

Jerry Bruckheimer will executive produce the series which is heading to US network CBS.

CBS has found success with Limitless, and will premiere a new take on Rush Hour this March. They’ve got to be hoping that Training Day isn’t going to go the same way as Fox’s Minority Report as that was cancelled pretty quickly after proving to be a big ratings disappointment.