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Remember when everyone said that Guardians of the Galaxy would be Marvel’s first “flop”? As per usual, they proved everyone wrong last year when that movie broke box office records (Kevin Feige and company were in fact so confident in the film that they gave a sequel the green light before it was even released).

You have to believe that despite some behind the scenes issues, Marvel are hoping for similar success with Ant-Man next month. There’s no denying that it’s a risky movie, but with a cast which includes Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and Michael Douglas, not to mention a screenplay with originally written by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish and later by Rudd and Anchorman’s Adam McKay, the ingredients for success are all there.

With Ant-Man already confirmed to appear in Captain America: Civil War, it’s clear that Marvel has big plans for this pint sized superhero, but it’s essential that his movie is a hit if they hope to spawn a new franchise.

However, there are certain things Ant-Man can do to be even better than we’re all expecting and hoping.

Here, we list just ten moments, cameos, Easter Eggs, and more which we need to see in Marvel’s Ant-Man!

10. Hank Pym’s History As A Superhero

Ant-Man Wasp

A recent Marvel prelude comic book revealed that Hank Pym used his Ant-Man suit on missions during the Cold War for Peggy Carter. However, it would be great if the movie were to go back even further than that by featuring the scientist making his debut in the 1960s as Ant-Man.

Though no doubt brief, scenes like that could be a lot of fun, and would make the fans who were upset that he and The Wasp weren’t founding members of The Avengers feel a lot better. Talking of The Wasp, she’s one of this movie’s biggest mysteries; it’s been said that she died as a result of one of Hank’s experiments, but was Janet Van Dyne also a hero or is The Wasp a character who has never existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

For that matter, would Marvel dare address the history of domestic abuse between the two? That all remains to be seen for now…

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