The high school reunion is seemingly the perfect plot device to revive the moribund American Pie franchise, and through weddings, band camps and low budget, low humour sequels we’ve followed with declining alacrity and thorough bemusement.

Universal have managed to get most of the gang back together for this new film which will see Jason Biggs , Seann William Scott , Alyson Hannigan , Thomas Ian Nicholas , Chris Klein, Eugene Levy , Tara Reid , Eddie Kaye Thomas , Mena Suvari and Jennifer Coolidge return alongside newcomer Katrina Bowden and we’re all along for the ride to see how fate has treated them all.

Filming is underway in Atlanta right now and some set pics have emerged showing the cast looking warily around at the assorted snappers.

Here are your pictures,

The ‘Daily Mail’ fed us this slice of pie.