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Justice-LeagueFor months now, rumours have been circling about Warner Bros. launching the DC Cinematic Universe, bringing to the big screen the publisher’s counterpart to Marvel’s The Avengers with the anticipated, and long in-development, Justice League movie.

Recent reports suggest that, if all goes well with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in the coming weeks, then he’ll be asked to return to the fold to take the helm for Justice League. And that prospect is definitely something to get excited about.

Everything we’ve seen from Man of Steel suggests Snyder has done an incredible job of rebooting the Superman character, and smart money says the film will be one of the biggest and best of the year.

Whilst nothing has been officially announced, Snyder himself has teased that, in all likelihood, a DC Cinematic Universe would begin with Man of Steel and move on from there. And, again officially, it remains to be seen whether the studio would go directly into Justice League from Man of Steel or take the Marvel route, launching a handful of solo blockbusters (effectively, origin stories), before bringing the group together to face off against a Big Bad. (Though reports have begun to come in that Man of Steel 2 would start to set up Justice League, with Warner Bros. developing other solo movies beyond.)

Personally, depending on how Man of Steel 2 starts to introduce other superheroes, I think I’d like to see at least one or two more solo features before we go into Justice League. As much as I’d love to see Justice League hitting theatres sooner rather than later – the initial Summer 2015 release date that has been teased would be amazing – I think the studio would be in a stronger position if they rebooted, say, Batman, made a Wonder Woman movie and a Man of Steel sequel, and maybe even a World’s Finest, before bringing everyone together for Justice League. (Not to mention the fact that the superhero genre is in need of some solo female characters like Wonder Woman.)

Whatever happens, I’m very much optimistic that Man of Steel will be the launch point from which we move forward towards Justice League. So with that in mind, here is a wish list for those I think would be amazing in the line-up.



As mentioned above, I’m rooting for Man of Steel to be the starting point for this upcoming DC Cinematic Universe. With that in mind, Henry Cavill is really the only person I want playing Superman.

Cavill’s involvement would secure Man of Steel’s status as that desired beginning, just as Robert Downey, Jr. helped to launch the franchise for Marvel with Iron Man back in 2008.

So really my vote lies solely with Cavill. He’s brilliant in all we’ve seen from Snyder’s blockbuster. So much so that now, when I think of Superman, I think of Cavill. And that is exactly how everyone has felt about Tony Stark / Downey, Jr. for years. Nothing could dissuade me from wanting Cavill to don the blue costume, the red cape, and that awesome logo, hopefully for many more films to come.


With Superman now cast, we move on to five candidates worthy of bringing the Dark Knight back to the big screen.

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  • chrisdvanne

    As much as I love Summer Glau, Wonder Woman needs a statuesque woman and Summer is short (in her own words). Apart from that, I agree with you, I think she’s perfect for almost any role 🙂

  • Dan M

    Wow, some pretty out-there casting suggestions in here. Channing Tatum – really? Fran Kranz is interesting though.

    Gina Torres could potentially have been a great Wonder Woman but she’s in her 40s now, presumably if we’re getting introduced to her she should be a younger actress? Also, Torres typically plays cool/calm characters (although ready to spring into action). A new Wonder Woman would need to be a bit more out of control and impestuous – at least for the first couple of films.

  • Eric

    I’d love to see Robert Pattinson play Flash. I disagree with your Ryan Reynolds assessment, Green Lantern was terrible. Just the story itself. He didnt bring much to the character.

  • Martin

    Chiwetel Ejiofor as Batman would be SERIOUSLY cool, can someone please make that happen! Remember how cold and methodical he looked while kicking ass in Serenity – PERFECT Batman.
    I’m also all for Ryan Reynolds as GL, I do hope that he returns.

  • KipSmithers

    Jacob Pitts as a Wally West Flash! Watch him in Euro Trip and he is Wally.

  • Gregory Otis Dow

    Nathan Fillion for hal jordan no others will do

  • JoeS

    Why not Chiwetel Ejiofor as John Stewart GL? Also, Gina Carano definitely looks the part for Wonder Woman. Does she have the acting chops, though?

  • frank castle

    what awful casting choices who wrote this nonsense list.
    My choices:

    Batman: Karl urban

    Green Lantern: Idris Elba

    wonder Woman: charlize theron

    Flash: Ryan reynolds

    Aquaman: Sean Bean

    Martian Manhunter: CGI James earl jones voice maybe. not 100% on that though

    hawkgirl(depending on if they use her or not): Kate Beckinsale/ milla jovovich

  • Bill

    Batman-Bale (you said dream cast! Lol)
    Here’s where it gets interesting-cuz I’m going a bit further.
    Gina Carano as WW, she has the look and she can legitimately kick ass-plus, she’s dating Cavill, so that could create some love triangle type tension
    For GL, I say throw out Hal Jordan and make it John Stewert and cast Common-he’s perfect
    Flash-only one name hits home for me-Bradley Cooper-he has the range and the wit to be perfect
    Round it out with Ruan Kwanten as Aquaman and Doug Jones as Martian Manhunter, and its my cinematic dream come true!

  • will

    Chiwetel Ejiofor? Channing Tatum? Holy shit, that is the worst casting i have ever heard.

  • Will never click here again

    God you are dumb.

  • obarium

    I’m going to assume you expect Aqua Man to get killed in a Justice League movie? Sean Bean dies in EVERYTHING! 😛

  • Kento

    I couldn’t get past your WW casting choices. Nope. Christina Hendricks? She’s beautiful, but she’s not an amazon. She’s never shown that she’s fierce and she was boring as fuck in Drive.

  • Mikey Keaton

    Black Batman? Channing Tatum? Dream on psycho.

  • Iam_Sparticus

    And Atom Man?

  • Eduard Korhonen

    Stick your black Batman somewhere dark. Bruce Wayne/Batman is WHITE! I despise clearly Caucasian characters being cast as a different ethnic group. Hated it with King Pin, never really liked Nick Fury turning black and I’m annoyed they stunt cast Fishburne as Perry White. Leave white characters white and black characters black! Can you imagine the racist accusations that would be leveled at any director who decided to remake Shaft and cast a white guy?

  • nobody

    gina carano all the way as wonder woman, she is the best fit. with batman if it isnt broke then do not try to fix it

  • Terrance Mckinnon

    Wonder Woman is a 6′ Amazon warrior, Mila Kunis is barely 5′ and has a very slight built. I’m a black male….and to cast a black male as Batman is like casting a white male to play the Black Panther? No one will go and see it, me included. No matter how good his body of work is as a actor.

  • jay

    captain america was originally black….