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I’ve said since the very first time I watched AD, that a guest-starring role from Christopher Walken would be absolutely perfect for the show.   I really don’t know if Walken’s inclusion on this list needs to be explained in terms of his qualifications (see any appearance on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE).   He has the ability to shuffle effortlessly between dry and over-the-top humor, so he’s got the chops indeed.

Walken’s persona is definitely his most valuable commodity, and I feel like I have the PERFECT casting idea for him.  Imagine a storyline that reveals Gob is not actually the biological son of George Bluth Sr.   Now, if you can, imagine Walken rolling into the show on a Segway, as an aging magician.  Yes, WALKEN COULD BE THE TRUE FATHER OF GOB!  It seems perfect to me.  It also seems completely hilarious, and I know it would never happen.  A scene between Will Arnett and Walken?  A guy can dream right?



You would have to be crazy to not understand the true brilliance of Stephen Colbert.  His show, THE COLBERT REPORT, is one of the most irreverent yet informative programs on TV.  The true Colbert fans out there remember a time when he was a member of the famed UPRIGHT CITIZEN’S BRIGADE improve troupe which spawned a fantastic Comedy Central show called STRANGERS WITH CANDY.  It was there that Colbert started employing his signature style and making the world aware of his comedy chops.

In terms of casting, I think it would be fantastic to see Colbert play a fellow struggling actor alongside Tobias.  David Cross and Colbert together may be enough to make my mind explode because of the insane hilarity it would provide.  With Colbert’s gift of highlighting the pretentious nature of practically everything, it could be interesting to see him handling the words of a like-minded heavyweight like Mitch Hurwitz.



There are maybe a handful of actors on TV right now that really blow me away.  I mentioned Idris Elba earlier, but nobody does it better than Bryan Cranston.

Cranston is experiencing a career renaissance in his late 50’s as self-made crystal meth kingpin Walter White on BREAKING BAD.  His portrayal is a master class in exceptional dramatic performance, which is odd since I knew him mostly through his comedic turns on SEINFELD and MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE.  It’s because of Cranston’s versatility and experience that I think he could be amazing hamming it up with the genius cast of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

I would love to see Cranston fill the role vacated by Scott Baio (Bob Loblaw) and Henry Winkler before him (Barry Zuckercorn) as the Bluth family lawyer.   In this role we would be able to see Cranston play off of each character individually, which sounds completely amazing and makes me wish Hurwitz would heed my demands!   I think it would also be cool to see Cranston return to great comedy.  Earlier this year we saw a glimpse of that when he guest starred on the FX animated series ARCHER, co-starring Lucille Bluth herself, Jessica Walter.  If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is.


So there you have it.  Granted these are all just pipe dreams, and there is a host of other actors that would also be great for the show.  Can you think of some actors and storylines?  I want to hear them!  Comment below and blow us away!

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