Jon and I got to visit the set of the Last Seven when they were filming a few months back and got to meet many of the cast. We hope to have some images up from our visit in the coming weeks. You can also see our short and sweet interview with Danny Dyer here along with the trailer for the movie.

A brand new image from the movie has been release on Sky Movies website and you can check it out below.

The Last Seven is directed by Imran Naqvi and stars Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Simon Philips, Daisy Head and Rita Ramnani.

Synopsis: Geezer princelings Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer star in this London-set post-apocalyptic thriller. A man wakes up in a deserted city. He does not know who he is…but he does know that he can’t trust his six fellow survivors. Fear a film where Dyer plays “the Angel of Death.”

The Last Seven is released in the UK later in 2010.