Remember that movie that came out a couple of years ago that was going to jet propel Hayden Christensen into mega-stardom? No? It was that one where he was able to teleport himself anywhere in the world and they shot it in multiple countries. No, well, it seems that a sequel is on the way!

I thought Jumper was pretty terrible. I was bored from the beginning and that boredom didn’t disappear throughout the whole movie. I don’t find Hayden Christensen to be a very charismatic actor and to be honest, although it looked visually pretty good, the whole experience was pretty lame. Jumper hosted a pretty cool cast which also included Jamie Bell, Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson, Michael Rooker, Diane Lane, AnnaSophia Robb, Max Thieriot, Teddy Dunn, Jesse James and was directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity).

IMDb scores the movie at 5.9 from 68 000 + votes at the time of writing so it would appear that most people agree with me, and then comes news of a possible Jumper sequel! WHY?! Unfortunately it’s probably down to money again. From the look of it, the movie cost around $85m to make and brought in around $222m at the worldwide box office. Not hugely impressive stats but I guess a $100m profit means that a sequel is worth making. The problem is, will anyone go and watch it?

MTV caught up with Christensen at the Takers premiere and asked him about what’s happening with it. The shock news was that they were talking about it now!

Check out the video below adn then tell me in the comments, is anyone out there up for a sequel? Is it only me that thought it was toilet?!