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In the eyes of a lot of comic book fans, Marvel Studios can simply do no wrong. There’s been the occasional stumble since Iron Man was released in 2008, but the magic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has no doubt become what every rival studio aspires to when creating their superhero movie series.

However, whether it’s the odd story beat or an unsatisfying take on a certain character, Marvel don’t always get it right. The costumes worn by heroes and villains are important to any fan, especially as it’s their job to adapt a look which has often been around for decades and become nothing short of iconic in the process.

In the case of Marvel Studios specifically, this is something they’ve done really well for the most part. However, they’ve also dropped the ball on a handful of occasions, leaving a lot of fans disappointed.

Here, we count down our five favourite costumes worn by the iconic characters who live in┬áthe Marvel Cinematic Universe, and five more who really could and should have been done a lot better. Don’t forget to also check out the best and worst costumes worn by heroes on the small screen by clicking right here.


5. Loki (THOR/The Avengers)

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Having already brought Iron Man to the big screen in two very successful movies, the pressure was on Kenneth Branagh’s THOR to perform. It was no easy feat for the director or Marvel, especially as the movie transported viewers into the very different worlds of Asgard and Norse mythology.

Finding the right looks for Thor and Loki must have been a nightmare, but this was an example of sticking closely to the comic books really paying off. In both THOR and The Avengers, Loki looked great in his regal threads (all of which featured a lot of green thankfully), but the boldest move on Marvel’s part was undoubtedly giving him that iconic helmet.

It would have been easy to scale it back, but they followed the source material and nailed it.

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