As anyone lucky enough to have seen Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s extraordinary 20,000 Days On Earth will know, the world of Nick Cave is a mesmerising place. A compelling deep dive into creativity, memory and the magic of performance, featuring not only Nick Cave but collaborators, friends and muses in the form of band-mate Warren Ellis, actor Ray Winstone and pop icon Kylie Minogue, the streets of Brighton haven’t been this compelling since Brighton Rock.

Anyway, if you haven’t had the chance to catch 20,000 Days at your local fleapit (it’s currently still in cinemas), don’t despair – the DVD is already out, as is a truly covetable limited Collector’s Edition (only 2000 available) in a monolithic black box for the true devotees. This particular artefact looks so good it surely deserves a place in the film’s intriguing digital partner project, Nick Cave’s Museum Of Important Shit, which asks you to submit pictures of all the souvenirs of your life you’ve been pointlessly hanging onto all this time for reasons best known to yourself. Gig tickets, love letters, old stamps, badges, you name it… Warren Ellis even submitted a piece of old gum once chewed by Nina Simone.

To celebrate the release of the DVD, we managed to get our hands on 10 never-seen-before exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot. So click onwards to see the film in progress.



The creative process wasn’t over once 20,000 Days On Earth was locked and edited. The filmmakers then collaborated with Film4 to build a digital online museum – visit Nick Cave’s Museum of Important Shit to join hundreds of other users and submit your own ordinary items of extraordinary significance…10_Museum grab