7. Kid Apocalypse

1839138193819 For those of you unfamiliar with the character, “Kid Apocalypse” might sound like some sort of awful spinoff, but it’s actually a rather fascinating take on the character.

After Apocalypse dies, his followers manage to resurrect him. Unfortunately for them, he has none of his original memories, but this doesn’t stop Wolverine’s X-Force team from realising they need to take the young Apocalyse out in order to avoid widespread devastation.

Eventually, Fantomex shoots him in the head, but racked with guilt, he clones the boy and brings him up in an artificial environment as Evan Sabahnur. He is then sent to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but despite acting as the heroic Genesis, it’s been hinted at more than once that his villainous nature WILL resurface. If this could be worked into the movie somehow, it could serve as the perfect way of setting up the planned X-Force movie!