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Last year, Marvel managed to make a property as obscure as the Guardians of the Galaxy a box office hit, so there’s every chance that Daredevil would have found a similar level of success with a big screen outing.

Ben Affleck starred in a critically panned 2003 movie, so perhaps Kevin Feige and company weren’t sure that another was the way to go. Instead, the Man Without Fear has been handed over to their TV branch and will be the first of four 13-part TV shows to debut on online streaming service Netflix between now and 2016.

Earlier today, an action-packed full-length trailer was released (you can check it out by clicking here). The initial teaser mostly showed off the tone of the series, but this one features a ton of reveals and Easter Eggs!

Here, you will find just ten of the most revealing moments from this latest look at Daredevil. Whether it’s the introduction of a certain character or a nod to the comic books, this is your ultimate guide to the preview…

10. The Kingpin’s City

The Kingpin

We already know that the Wilson Fisk who will be introduced in Daredevil is going to be a much earlier version of the character than the one who later rules over New York City as the Kingpin of Crime. However, it’s clear from his opening monologue that he has big ambitions, and it’s obviously this which will set the criminal on a collision course with the Man Without Fear. Jurassic World’s Vincent D’Onofrio may not be as huge as his comic book counterpart, but it doesn’t take long for this trailer to establish that he’s still extremely physically imposing as we see him take someone down in swift and very brutal fashion.


9. Ben Urich

Ben Urich

Vondie Curtis Hall plays the investigative journalist in this version of Daredevil, and it appears as if he’s definitely on the trail of Wilson Fisk if we’re to assume that he’s the question mark on that playing card (the King rather appropriately). A closer look at the board doesn’t reveal too much other than the fact that this series will be dealing with more adult issues than the Marvel movies such as kidnapping, extortion, and a rise in heroin addicts. That all seems fairly standard for any crime drama at first glance, but we could be looking at The Kingpin’s beginnings here. Urich’s quest will surely bring him into contact with Daredevil!


8. Nelson & Murdock

Nelson & Murdock

In the comic books, the Nelson & Murdock law firm was established shortly after the two friends graduated using money given to Foggy (Elden Henson) by his father. However, it appears as if the duo will be starting their practice themselves and possibly at a later point in their lives based on this trailer. Their secretary Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) is also present, but it definitely looks like she comes to them for help before joining Matt and Foggy in that – or possibly an updated – role. Nelson & Murdock always had to be part of Daredevil, and that’s exciting because this will more than likely add a courtroom drama aspect to the series.

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