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5. Scrat’s Journey Through The Ice Age (Ice Age 1 – 4)


While the last couple of instalments of the Ice Age franchise have failed to deliver the same sort of charm as the first, there’s one particular character that is just as loveable now as he was back in 2002. Scrat is an acorn-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel who just can’t seem to hold onto his beloved acorn. After searching for it throughout the ice age, Scrat would put love first…for a while at least!

Having survived a rocky break-up and dinosaurs, the squirrel later caused the separation of the continents, sunk an island and got frozen for twenty thousand years. As adventures go, they don’t really come any more epic than that! When he did thaw out, Scrat lost his acorn and found a coconut. However, his newfound obsession would ultimately cause yet another cataclysm. A small character who had a massive impact in this particular franchise…

4. Puss’ Climb up The Beanstalk (Puss in Boots)


After grossing over $554 million worldwide on a budget of $130 million, it’s baffling that we still haven’t seen a sequel to the charming Puss in Boots. Easily more fun than the recent Shrek movies and featuring a quality voice cast including Antonio Banderas, Zach Galifianakis, Salma Hayek and Billy Bob Thornton, Puss in Boots put the titular character on a journey which even included arguably one of the best dance scenes ever featured in a movie (you can check it out by clicking here).

Combining a number of classic fairy tales, Puss steals magic beans from Jack and Jill, climbs the beanstalk to find the Golden Goose and eventually clashes with Humpty Dumpty! It was a crazy adventure which proved to be one of the most fun animated movies to be released back in 2011, and I for one would love to see another instalment in what should be a lucrative new franchise for Dreamworks and Paramount.

3. Marlin’s Hunt for Nemo (Finding Nemo)


As the title suggests, Finding Nemo is all about a quest. When young clownfish Nemo is taken by a diver, his father Marlin sets off to bring him home in fear of losing his only son as he did his wife. Despite the fact that we occasionally check in with Nemo, who is plotting an escape from a fish tank in a dentist’s office, this is very much Marlin’s adventure.

Along the way, he meets Dory (who will be soon getting her own spin-off movie) and encounters jellyfishes, sharks and sea turtles! Finding Nemo is a fun movie with a great message, and the animation – which was ground-breaking at the time – still holds up wonderfully today. It will be interesting to see whether the planned follow-up is able to retain the charm of the original!

2. Carl and Russell’s Trip to Paradise Falls (Up)


The journey to Paradise Falls for the two lead characters in Up meant very different things to them both, but their bond by the time the credits rolled was unbreakable. For grumpy old man Carl Fredricksen, it represented an opportunity to keep a promise to his dearly departed wife by moving their house to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls.

For Russell, a young Wilderness Explorer, it’s his chance for a real adventure…and to earn a merit badge for helping the elderly! What follows is a beautifully told journey which includes a dog who can talk with the use of a special collar and a bizarre colourful bird looking for its chicks. Despite these fantastic elements, the perils faced by Carl and Russell remain grounded and very believable as they battle the evil explorer Charles F. Muntz, ultimately helping to make this one of Pixar’s greatest movies yet.

1. The Toys’ Hunt for Woody (Toy Story 2)


It would have been easy to include each of the Toy Story movies on this list, but when it comes to the journey that the fan favourite group of characters took in the second instalment of the hit franchise, this is easily the most deserving. When Woody is accidentally sold to a scheming collector by Andy’s mother in a yard sale, Buzz Lightyear rallies his fellow toys to hunt him down by travelling across the city to Al’s Toy Barn.

This results in a perilous journey which included a trek across a freeway, a confrontation with a brainless Buzz and ultimately an edge of your seat foray through an airport’s baggage handling system! Pixar took everything that made Toy Story great in the first movie, upped the stakes and introduced a host of great new supporting characters, arguably making it the most epic part of the trilogy.


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