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Some of these have brought cartoon characters into our world or sent some of us into theirs, while many simply feature epic adventures undertaken by various beloved animated creations.

What do you guys think of these choices? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and what did we miss?

10. Ralph’s Easter Egg Filled Trip Through Video Games (Wreck-it Ralph)


Wreck-it Ralph is easily one of the best animated movies to have been released this year (or back in 2012 if you’re in the states), especially in respect to how good a job it did in appealing to kids and adults alike. For anyone who grew up playing video games in the last 20+ years, it was an Easter Egg filed delight crammed to the rafters with cameo appearances from iconic characters and locations.

Of course, this came about as a result of Ralph travelling from his own game and through a number of others, including Hero’s Duty – a first person shooter – and Sugar Rush, a candy themed cart racing game. Wreck-it Ralph took its titular character on an action-packed and emotional ride through the world of video games, and fans are already hoping and praying for a sequel which will delve even deeper into the beloved genre.

9. The Looney Tunes’ Journey from the Centre of the Earth (Space Jam)


If those of us who watched Space Jam as children were to revisit it now, it’s easy to imagine it being something of a chore to sit through (its 35% score on Rotten Tomatoes may just be a testament to that). However, there’s still no denying the thrill of seeing the iconic Looney Tunes characters invade our world, teaming up with basketball superstar Michael Jackson in the process.

The poster released at the time featuring Jordan and Bugs Bunny showed just what a big deal it was to bring together two iconic personalities – one real, one fictional – in the same movie, perhaps also explaining how it would gross over $230 million on an $80 million budget. Featuring both humans in Tune Land and Looney Tunes on our world, Space Jam actually found a good balance of both locations, making the movie a rather epic adventure for all those involved!

8. Wall-E’s Trip Into Outer Space (Wall-E)


Wall-E is a remarkable movie, especially as such a big chunk of it plays out almost like a silent film (while still holding the attention of the kids…a sign of just how great Pixar are at what they do). The titular character of the movie is a sentient robot who keeps himself busy by compacting and storing trash, but he finds love when he’s introduced to EVE, an advanced robot probe who is sent to Earth on a quest for any remaining vegetation.

This ultimately leads to Wall-E heading off into outer space when his newfound friend is retrieved by the Axiom; a ship full of what’s left of Earth’s now morbidly obese population. It’s from here that his adventure truly begins, and what follows is a series of great action sequences and a heart-breaking moment which is thankfully resolved with a fantastic ending!

7. Remy’s Trip to Paris (Ratatouille)


Remy (a rat who wanted nothing more than to become a chef like his idol, the recently deceased chef Auguste Gusteau) didn’t have to travel a particularly long way to reach the sewers of Paris, but when he got there, he embarked on the adventure of a lifetime! Amazingly, Remy is able to control a young man named Alfredo Linguini like a marionette by pulling on his hair, allowing him to fulfil his dream. Of course, things don’t go at all smoothly, but what follows is an awful lot of fun!

As you might expect, this was yet another critical hit for Pixar and at the time, it held the record for the greatest number of Oscar nominations for a computer animated feature film. It may not be the most epic of adventures in terms of distance, but Ratatouille more than made up for that in regards to the emotional journey its characters went on.

6. Roger Rabbit’s Trip to Toontown (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)


The late, great Roger Ebert was spot on when he said that Who Framed Roger Rabbit was, “not only great entertainment but a breakthrough in craftsmanship.” Using what was then top of the range technology to merge the worlds of live-action and animation, the movie created a unique world which featured cartoon character and human beings interacting in a perfectly normal manner (rather than making a big deal out of it, a la Space Jam).

However, when private detective Eddie Valiant is drafted in to find out whether the rumours about Jessica Rabbit having an affair are true. This leads to him venturing into Toontown – the part of Hollywood where Toons live – and going on an insane adventure which resulted in Who Framed Roger Rabbit still being considered one of the best films of its type even more than 25 years after its release!

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