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Flash Green

With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice less than a few months away, a leaked list of Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC Comics movie plans reveal that the clash between the Dark Knight and Man of Steel isn’t the only team-up movie they have planned. 2017 will apparently see the release of Green Lantern/The Flash.

These are two characters who arguably work much better together than they would in their own movies (2011’s Green Lantern is proof of that). So, which other heroes could be paired up on the big screen in a bid for box office success? Below, are ten suggestions, some of which will be familiar and others which won’t.

What do you guys think of these picks?

10. Aquaman/Batman

Aquaman Batman

With Jason Momoa reportedly set to play Aquaman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and then Justice League, this once ridiculed character is about to get a big screen make-over which should see him taken as seriously as in the rebooted DC Comics universe.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Warner Bros. are confident enough to move ahead with a solo movie, and a water setting would result in a massive budget which could rival that of space set superhero movie flop, Green Lantern. So, why not team him up with the Caped Crusader?

It’s an odd pairing, but one which has happened many times in the comics. What would be particularly interesting about this is the fact that both heroes would be taken out of their comfort zone, with Batman in the sea and Aquaman in Gotham. Also, how would Ben Affleck facing off with Jason Momoa be anything but a good thing?

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