Top Ten Straight to DVD/Limited Release films of 2012

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Despite seeming to have more and more multiplexes with over ten screens than ever before, we still found ourselves in a situation where a lot of great films end up not getting a cinema release or more frequently end up playing for one week only at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.

With the rise in popularity of on demand entertainment at home, the competition to actually get your film into a cinema is pretty fierce. Gone are the days when a film would play the Sundance film festival to much acclaim and then get a major pimp out by an ambitious indie off shoot of a major studio. Now the major indie breakouts are bought by the little distributors with the view to making a killing via on demand entertainment.

With something like 80% of the straight to DVD market dominated by Horror it’s perhaps inevitable that much of the following list would be dominated by horror films, but there are some Action, Science Fiction and Drama titles in there too.

These are the films that would have passed you by if you didn’t live within reasonable distance of Leicester Square or generally avoid bottom shelf titles at your local Blockbuster. If you can you should seek these out….

electrick_children10. Electrick Children

Rebecca Thomas’ film Electrick Children is a film heavily indebted to the cinema of Gus Van Sant and Sofia Coppola but despite the influence being more in your face than other up and coming film makers, Electrick Children is a compelling and absorbing coming of age tale about religion and belief. Julia Garner plays a Mormon teenager living in the Nevada desert with her extended family. One night she hears some rock music and is transfixed, not knowing what it is but knowing that she wants more than her small desert world and wanting to know where the strange music comes from.

Then she gets pregnant and this part of the story is left wonderfully ambiguous, the girl believes that somehow the strange otherworldly rock music is responsible for her growing child but others believe something far more insidious and earth-bound is at work although they don’t really say it. She sets off into Las Vegas to find the singer and discovers herself along the way as well as some truth about her parentage.

The film is stylish and includes great support performances from the likes of Rory Culkin, Liam Aitken, Billy Zane and Bill Sage and has a top-notch soundtrack to boot. Keep an eye on director Rebecca Thomas….

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