Top Ten Ensemble Comedy Movies

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grown ups 2This week sees the DVD and Blu-ray release of Grown-Ups 2. Directed by Dennis Dugan, it is the follow up to 2010’s ensemble comedy Grown Ups.

Featuring a ‘dream team’ cast including Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade, it continues the story of the childhood buddies, along their families, and their hilarious mishaps.

Whilst the film series does boast an ensemble of some of Hollywood’s biggest comedians, it perhaps hasn’t best utilised their talents.

Cinema does have a long tradition of truly great ensemble comedy movies, and here are a few of the best.


10. There’s Something About Mary


On paper, at the time at least, There’s Something About Mary didn’t boast a cast of comedy giants. Despite his TV work, Ben Stiller hadn’t broken out yet in Hollywood, as this was the film that did that. Cameron Diaz was thought of as little more than a pretty face, and Matt Dillon’s career was on a downslide.

Together, however, with the puerile writing/directing of the Farrelly Brothers, and a cast that included The Thing’s Keith David, British stand-up comedian Lee Evans, Sarah Silverman, and Lin Shaye, There’s Something About Mary was a surprise hit.

Stiller as Ted showed his natural comic delivery as well as leading man credentials, whilst Matt Dillon displayed hitherto unknown comedic talents. The biggest surprise, though, was probably Cameron Diaz as Mary, who revealed a great flare for comedy. Top marks, however, go to Keith David as Mary’s joker father, busting Ted’s chops at every opportunity.

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