Top Five Movie Buses

Top Five Movie Buses

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speed bus 220x150 Top Five Movie BusesMovie buses aren’t like real buses at all. While you wait ages for a normal bus to arrive and then two come at once, great cinematic buses pull into your stop about once every decade. When they do arrive, however, they are always worth getting on.

When you or I take the bus, the floor is sticky and someone opens a window even though it’s minus 17 degrees. In the movies, buses do more than keep you waiting in the cold. And isn’t a bus nothing but a giant moving cinema? You can be cool by sitting at the back… the floor isn’t worth putting your shoes on… there are lots of annoying kids playing with their mobile phones… you’re often stuck in them for at least two hours.

Here are the big screen buses worth standing in the queue for.

5. Dirty Harry (1971)
When crazed killer Scorpio takes over a school bus in the film’s finale, the cop who wrote the book on playing by his own rules must come to the rescue, mercifully interrupting the scariest rendition of Row, Row, Row Your Boat ever.  This may not be a bus you would necessarily want to be on – frankly, I’d rather watch Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can back-to-back before listening to some psycho sing Old MacDonald Had A Farm – but this is a journey dripping with memorable menace.

The real Zodiac killer, who murdered his way across California at the time, threatened to shoot kids on school buses, making this sequence in the movie a pretty brazen example of exploiting parents’ fears. Watching it now we can just appreciate the ride and enjoy that wonderful shot of Clint Eastwood standing on that bridge before he deals out his own brand of justice etc etc. This bus gets bonus points because Clint Eastwood’s stunt double jumps on top of it and looks exactly like Clint Eastwood. Take note, Bruce Willis.

Click HERE to watch the bus scene in Dirty Harry

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  • marktobias

    As one of Speed’s biggest fans I definitely approve of this article.

  • Dan

    Well, I expected Speed to be up there. My favourite movie bus is the one with all those babes on it that stops for Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. You know the one they send on its way even though all those beauties need oiling up. That’s my favourite movie bus.

  • Ross McD

    What about that awesome armoured bus from mad max? I always thought if I ever built a fortress compound in the desert, I would use an armoured bus for the gate. So practical.
    And speaking of buses in the desert, what about Priscilla?!

  • Ross McG

    great shout Ross McD. two fantastic aussie buses. the bus from little miss sunshine almost snuck in there, but it just kept breaking down


    But… but… what about the (original) Italian Job???