Top Ten: 21st Century Movie Turkeys

Top Ten: 21st Century Movie Turkeys

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Today is Thanksgiving in America (happy Thanksgiving everyone!) and therefore it had to be time to bring out the turkey!

Rather than the feathered variety (have you tried to find actual turkeys in a film? I have. It’s not easy) it’s the movie turkey variety I’m interested in. I thought it would be a nice idea to look at my top ten least favourite movies of the 21st century, there may well be some surprises in there so hold onto your butts and click next to find out what I picked.

Remember, this is my list and doesn’t reflect opinions of others so I am willing to take full responsibility for it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the movies I mention in the comments whether you agree or not so comment away!

Here we go!

10) Ghost Rider 1&2 (2007 & 2011)

I may as well start on a couple of Nicolas Cage movies because it’s a good introduction as to what you’re going to see going forward! I actually interviewed Nicolas Cage for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and although at the time I didn’t think it was too bad, seeing it again more recently has shown me the error of my ways. Both movies are a complete load of toilet!

I won’t name names but the day after we interviewed Cage for the second instalment of the Ghost Rider franchise, we interviewed another member of the cast. When we asked him what he thought of being in that movie, his reply was that he thought they had ‘swept that one under the carpet’ which sort of says it all!

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  • redrum

    No Prometheus? Good call on TDKR. Also, The Master was indeed a mess. Thanks for saying it like you see it and not cowtowing to fanboy gushery.

  • dave roper

    I knew Skyline would find its way in there and I could not agree more with the inclusion of Ghost Rider. I must differ on TDKR – one of the films of the year for me. Nice to see a bit of good old fashioned controversy baiting from you Dave.

  • Rob Keeling

    Firmly agree with Skyline. Took awfulness to a whole new level.

  • David Sztypuljak

    Prometheus!! How on earth did I forget that one. So much potential smashed down to something dreadful… and yet it’s still getting a sequel. :(

  • David Sztypuljak

    I wanted to love TDKR but I just didn’t. It made no sense to me at all but like i said, looking forward to seeing it again to make sure I was right the first time around.

  • editdroid2

    Disagree on TDKR. I know some people were wanting it to be better than TDK, but that wasn’t going to happen. What I liked (and it took a couple viewings), was that it was DIFFERENT from TDK. I had friends that went in expecting a better villain than Joker, and were disappointed because they were trying to compare the villains. That’s idiocy. What I really liked was that this was more of an ensemble. Everyone was working together to save Gotham, they weren’t just relying on Batman.

  • David Sztypuljak

    There were definitely elements that I liked. I thought the character of Bane was excellent but he was so under-used. And for me the story just didn’t make any sense. I cant wait to see it again so I can remember the specifics that frustrated me so much when I saw it in the cinema.

  • miles4000

    yes you need to add Prometheus to the list. Total waste of time.

  • Lost Earthling

    I actually enjoyed Skyline and thought it was a good entertaining movie compared to a lot of the other blockbuster sci-fi’s out at the time. Though what probably made it a different viewing experience for me compared to you is I hadn’t heard a thing about it or seen any trailers before I watched it (maybe something to do with being in Australia) so I didn’t have great expectations before watching it.
    Other than that most of the other movies I pretty much expected to see on the list. TDKR I think will get better with each viewing as the hype dies down and i’m given more time to enjoy, and it will get repeated viewings if only to see Anne Hathaway in that catsuit.

  • Ewan Jones

    Chap, I would watch all of those twice through before watching that wretched Revolutionary Road again. Also, The Wicker Tree made me far more angry than the Wicker Man (I know, it’s an atrocity) remake – not least because Robin Hardy spat on his own legendary legacy. You can’t argue for the inclusion of Prometheus or TDKR when crap like Paul, The Boat That Rocked and Indy IV are hovering like flies… ;)

  • joe

    What Shit List !!
    Of the thousands of crap movies.. you got all these as the worst ? Man.. if Ghost riders and TDKR were in worst 10 list.. then i would like to know what according to you are good movies ?? :P