The Crap Shoot: Top Ten Terrible Films That Made A Lot Of...

The Crap Shoot: Top Ten Terrible Films That Made A Lot Of Money

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If may seem entirely apparent that in order to succeed you need quality. A dash of talent and invention here, a wonderful peace of transitory execution there, that’s what maketh a movie young Padawan (alas Geroge Lucas doesn’t make this list even though he really should). But looking around us it soon becomes apparent that we often find ourselves swimming amongst a mediocre cesspool of light entertainment and most appropriately of all shite entertainment. And not only is it allowed to exist, but we (and by we I mean all) actively encourage it.

Don’t act like you didn’t. You went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End didn’t you. You disgust me. That time you went and watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon, make no mistake, I was sitting there judging you from atop my pedestal of good taste, casting an arched critical eyebrow over you as you watched a franchise film with a colon (thankfully we are no longer talking in metaphors here) in its title. Poor you I thought, you poor manipulated consumer, filing in to trade your brain for popcorn at the door.

scrooge mcduckOf course I thought this while in the cinema with you as well, where I too was watching Transformers and Battleship and Pirates of The Caribbean and all that other mindless tat that we ♥ so much. But I of course was there to review them, so that’s all fine then. I’m still better than you. Phew.

You see we all have our reasons. I for one just like to leer at the gratuitous filth peddled to us on a weekly basis. For any Flight of the Conchords fans out there for me Friday night is Business Time and when the marketing execs get their dirty digits into a franchise, conditions are perfect.

But there’s crap and then there’s crap crap. The last gasp of a career, the last gasp of a genre, clutching for your money as it falls into obscurity. A derivative and ineffectual expulsion of air, a fart on the dotted line of a once cherished part of the cinematic landscape that has been plundered (or so you may have thought) for all it’s worth. Well with that ringing in your ears here’s some crimes against celluloid that you the viewing public (and occasionally me, but remember I’ve got an excuse – right?) have not only rewarded with lashings of delicious moolah but have rewarded all too heartily. I think the statistics speak for themselves. I give you the highest earning rubbish in Hollywood history (measured as 5% and under on Rotten Tomatoes with two exceptions).

10. All Films Directed By Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer

Rotten Tomatoes Scores: 2-6%

Razzie Awards: 0 (17 Nominations)

Box-Office Gross: $299,092,983

They’ve made almost $300,000,000 from making bad films and yet they can’t even win a Razzie. You’ll be seeing much more of these two throughout.

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  • dave

    Transformers. That is all.

  • Quit Being Stupid

    The Star Wars prequels.
    All the remakes of great 80s movies and TV.
    Almost every movie made the last 10 years. ESPECIALLY the ones in 3D

  • reid77

    dude, i’ll agree with all the movies on this list accept Airbender. the only reason this movie catches any flack is because of who directed it. if you were a fan of the cartoon this movie was based on (Avatar: The Last Airbender), or even saw a couple episodes. you may have liked it. it holds up to the source material. it successfully turned the cartoon into a live action film, which i enjoyed. so now you know of at least one person who has seen it. lol

  • roy

    I had not seen a movie since I Am Legend that pissed me off as much as The Devil Inside.

  • Sky

    I disagree. I’m a huge fan of the series, but this big screen adaptation of the original cartoon is horrible. I mean they couldn’t even get the names right!

  • Fourze

    I disagree as well. The movie was so rushed and the bending was just terrible, specifically the earth and fire bending.

  • Derrick James

    I actually liked Christmas with the kranks.

  • Derrick James

    idk what you smoked, the dialogue was horrible, the bending looked so drawn out and uncomfortable . You didnt have to see the show to know the movie was horrible. It wasnt just a bad adaption, it was just a bad film. And No, it didnt hold up to the source material.

  • Jack Treese

    Oh come on. In comparison to these films listed, the SW prequels weren’t THAT bad. And I hate those films. And the Fright Night remake was actually pretty good.

  • Ros

    LOL The Last airbender was not bad movie..and story was written well…don’t believe every score rotten tomatoes gives..believe word of the mouth..and logic..

  • kainmarko313

    yea that was seriously the worst ending of a movie ever i was like beyond pissed

  • Jorge L. Betancourt Jr.

    You obviously are not a fan of The Last Air Bender series or know absolutely nothing about it (or nothing about what movies should look like) because The Last Air Bender was a completely HORRIBLE movie! The actors were ALL wrong. With all the information that M Night Shyamalan had with regards to story development and plot, he did a HORRIBLE job adapting it to the big screen. Please do not post in the future on topics that you have sub-standard knowledge about.

  • Lunias

    UGH, The Last Airbender movie was horrible! The actors were all wrong, the story was rushed and had no depth, the bending looked horrible (the fight scenes in general were bad), and the same guy that is a self-proclaimed fan of the TV show couldn’t get his actors to pronounce the names right. If he’s considered an Airbender fan, I don’t wanna be on this planet anymore.

  • Kal-El

    Actually The Last Airbender was an awesome movie!!! The truth is that for people that likes Anime and watch the series, the movie actually sucks!!! But for people like myself that don’t like Anime, the movie was just awesome! It’s like the Resident Evil Movies, people that haven’t play the games think that the movies are awesome, but to those of us that love the games, the movies REALLY SUCKS!!!

  • aesthesia

    Avatar: The Last Airbender was not an anime. It was an American cartoon animated in a style that combines Western and Eastern styles, which is loosely referred to as “fusion”. The Last Airbender movie was horrible by amost any standard, and a slap in the face to fans and non-fans alike.

  • Jerry

    The only reason the last airbender made as much as it did was because it had a built in audience from the tv show. We all hoped it wouldn’t have sucked but it did in every way

  • Ammon Yamanu

    actually the names were pronounced wrong in the cartoon. Aang the actual name isn’t pronounced ang its pronounced oang or ong. ang is how a western mind sees and reads the name.

  • Natasja

    Being a fan on Avatar:the Last Airbender, I went and saw the movie, despite my reservations about the director.

    Wait, I though I paid to see ‘The Last Airbender’.
    Hello? Excuse me? Am I in the right theatre? I’m not recognizing any of the character’s names or appearances.

    I mean, I thought I heard the name Katara once or twice, but there was no passionate defense or speeches about hope, and there is no way that the bland, weepy kid in blue is the strong female lead character I’ve been watching all this time.

    I think someone mentioned Zuko, but it was only a Indian kid with a sunburn. There was a guy with a boomerang that I thought might have been Sokka, but the name was different and the distinguishing signs of meat, sarcasm and creative, goofy genius were nowhere to be found.

    I laughed when I saw a bunch of asian men doing the Haka and a pebble drifted across the screen, but I spent the rest of the time staring in open-mouthed, incredulous horror

  • jason

    I can’t believe that they’re doing another Airbender with that same director. they should scrap the last movie and just start over. I can go on and on about that movie but I won’t…terrible.

  • John

    I agree with Jerry about Airbender. My kids watch the cartoon, and when I saw the first trailer for the movie, thought it looked the cartoon, so I was even ready for it, but I do disagree with Mr. Jones-Morris that The Sixth Sense is overrated.

  • John

    Then apparently you haven’t seen Matrix Revolutions.

  • John

    Do believe it caught slack because of the director too, but in all honesty I didn’t believe it lived up to the cartoon. It had the material pretty close, but just didn’t seem to deliver on the level I was hoping. Thats my opinion though.

  • John

    Far worse movies out there to slap fans and non-fans alike out there.

  • John

    And apparently no one should post on topics to give their opinion. Thought that was the reason for these things. Just my opinion.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Actually, the names are pronounced the way the producers of the show wanted them to be, so they were correct. The movie, being based explicitly on the show should have followed suit, no matter what.

  • cheernast

    I am beyond confused with this so called “source material” that The Last Airbender utilized. Really -_- Since when was Aang a little pale kid and Sokka not funny??? I went to see the movie thinking YES and left looking like wtf?!? I can’t believe that they’re going to go for another one and screw up Toph’s character as well

  • Ed

    YES!!! I have seen MANY movies, and many bad films, but I have not seen ANY on this list!

  • Jennie

    Estoy de acuerdo, casi todas son peliculas malisimas, pero a mi si me gusto “Christmas with…”, es la unica que se salva.

  • Sooraj Mukundan

    I cant believe… there are people here who liked the last airbender…. I was heartbroken when i saw the movie… the casting was terrible.. the pronunciations were wrong.. the action scenes were slow… This movie was just terrible…. I just hope somebody else remakes it…. cause i see no hope for the sequel if M Night shyamalan is directing it.

  • Carlos McBroom

    The concept of a kid defeating entire armies single-handedly will draw many different people into a theater, but from what I hear, it is not a good representation of the cartoon, I haven’t seen it. I feel like fans expectations and the original creators objectives shouldn’t be met with such an abhorrent product. This is a let down on the part of the movie makers, who should always strive to put out the best and most accurate product as possible. If this movie were a math test, I imagine, it would have many red markings. That said, we still got to see some decent effects. Its probably too late to try and clean up the storyline, but what Id like to see in II is more elaborate martial arts sequences. People say the bending was bad. Instead of allowing a rushed and incoherent plot to be compensated for by good effects and fighting scenes, why not incorporate all this into a proper big screen feature.

  • Carlos McBroom

    Besides, y’all don’t have much to complain about, I used to watch the Dragon Ball Z cartoon, did y’all see that tragic motion picture debacle. You all should always be thankful, theres a bunch of us starving DBZ fans around the world who don’t have ANYthing to watch! Lol, Shakespear himself could’ve directed the movie…it WAS a tragedy. Did u see Piccolo

  • Carlos McBroom

    Jack and Jill shouldn’t be on this list, it was funny. Sandler’s movies just present a brand of comedy that many people just don’t relate to; but its funny to me. Some of the concepts make u wonder about the mental state of some of its writers- what’s up with the tape thing, but I think all good writing staffs need at least one person on the brink of or recently coming out of insanity, helps with the relativity. Seems Sandler and co. try and reach as many different audiences as possible, which in itself is off putting for some. The movie is ridiculously funny, what more do u want, it doesn’t need to be morally enlightening, although it does offer some relevant social idealogy. Values like always being yourself, the importance of family and honesty, and willingness to give are infused within the plot and it presented some basic levels of cultural diversity. I will say the jalapeno thing was a little overboard, but I got it, Pacino’s seens were instrumentally hysterical and a homeless guy excusing himself from the dinner table, that’s comedy right there… Good movie.

  • Rodriquez

    you need to take an english class or two. you’re pacing is all off and need to learn how to use commas. But I agree, I’m sure all those movies suck, that’s why i never watched them.

  • realmusicfan

    Agreed. Last Airbender was by far the worst movie I’ve ever seen. The worst part was when they set it up for a sequel.

  • Mike

    How come #10 is “all films by Friedberg and Seltzer”, and then you proceed to list Friedberg and Seltzer movies at #9, #7 and #6? Could you really not come up with any more movies to fill in the list?

  • Ross Jones-Morris

    Since they were so dominant I just wanted to make a point – compounded by the fact that the actual 10 and 12 would be Friedberg and Seltzer anyway.

  • Logansan

    Wheres dragonball evolution??? Seriously this list is so biased. I actually really enjoyed vampires suck

  • gerioawklhrfekawhk

    Big Mommas Like Father Like Son is amazing movie you motherfuckers

  • Don Ball

    Someone told me that Epic Movie was good, so I went and rented the DVD. After watching, I hunted down that person and ripped out his spleen.

  • Don Ball

    Can tell your taste buds are located up where the Sun don’t shine.

  • Liam

    Phantom Menace??

  • Daniel Beck

    what about the
    $1,071,212,372 that the twilight films pulled in? I mean, isn’t that a pretty good example considering the stone faced acting of the heroine and a plot that can’t be logically summed up as anything but a dog and a pedophile getting angsty over a teenage girl in a story that’s only real moral is the importance of having a boyfriend and making him stay with you by getting pregnant?

  • Ender

    I’ll admit it, I watched “The Last Airbender.” I rented from my local library for free, and more surprisingly I’m glad I did. While I didn’t really care for the movie itself (the acting wasn’t that great and everything felt too rushed) after watching it I decided to check out the show that it was based on and it quickly became my favorite animated show of all-time.

  • glier

    for all those that didnt watch the legend of aang, i always recomend the episode of “the 5 stories of basing-seh” (did i spell it right?), from the second book: the earth book. it doesnt sum the whole avatar story but the characters charisma, what one should wait from the characters along the whole story

  • glier

    hated it, and hated it more because all the cinema had for fright night the time i went so watch it was 3d, so much hate i lived then:

    -dark movie + glasses= darker movie
    -nothing great happened
    -soooo predictable

  • glier

    “characters matched the anime” are you serious??? Aang was a kid that just wanted to play with the animals, sooka was a boy self declared the expert in jokes, always wanting meat and forever trusting his boomerang, katara was the mother bossy figure, zuko the prince that literally declared that everything exploded on his face and never gave up. i even expected uncle iro to be enterpreted more acordinly, since his character was the calm wise paternic figure for zuko. everything was plain wrong, and even hated when fire nation get removed the ability to produce fire.

    all is so wrong with this flick, so so wrong

  • Jonathan T R Franklin

    I’d add most of Tim Allen’s films (except for the Toy Story trilogy) I actually like Punch Drunk Love. That and Reign Over Me were great Sandler movies. I wish he’d do a few more like those.

  • NatanAML

    Yeah, I don’t see the point of saying that all their movies are bad, and then repeat it. I mean, couldn’t you think about another examples?

  • bryanbeachboy1970

    exactly correct! An awesome story and a great show, undone by a crappy movie!

  • Neville Ross

    Sorry, but I loved the films, and hope that they make more; at least you can’t say they were boring..

  • Reader

    Word of mouth and logic says it sucks. I couldn’t even finish it.

  • Reader

    Wrong. I was a fan of Shyamalan’s before Airbender. Even giving Lady in the Water and The Happening a pass… but Airbender was a complete catastrophe.

  • Bob

    This is a SPOILER ALERT to prove a point, but in the show Aang and company routinely lost almost every single battle and most of their friends usually got hurt or killed in the process, not defeating armies. A major story arc is that the Avatar Mode is so unreliable it ends up destroying places they were supposed to protect nearly as often as the Fire Army and turns Aang into a pariah in most of the villages, the widespread destruction Aang causes is completely intentional and played straight. You should give the series a try, kids might like it but the overarching morality theme of the show sits well with adults in the vein of an old movie like The Goonies. I used to look forward to drunken Avatar night to say the least.

  • Aaron Schulz

    i saw airbender on netflix instant, even though i get my moneys worth every day with everything else i watch, i feel like they owe me.

  • Dellos

    you guys are crazy, Last Airbender was awesome! I thought that the movie adaptation of the anime was accurate as a movie can be. Wish they would make a sequel.

  • Kody

    I’m such a huge fan of the TV show. I’ve seen every episode multiple times. The show was beautifully made. The movie on the other hand… This is the only movie in my life that I’ve ever shut off after the first ten minutes. In fact, I re-rented it because I thought I was being too harsh on it the first time, and I watched the whole thing this time and with more of an open mind. Still sucked. It was actually painful to watch. Did you know that when the creators of ATLA were asked about their thoughts on the movie, they didn’t say anything? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, right?

  • pyro85

    All the Transformers movies are horrible. And you’re retarded if you like them.

  • pyro85

    Well I’m not familiar with the tv series but The Last Airbender was one of the worst movies I’ve seen. I don’t see how anyone can enjoy it. Unless you have an IQ that’s lower than room temperature.

  • pyro85

    You’re an idiot for liking Last Airbender. Why the hell would anyone want a sequel?

  • HongVan

    And make him pay attention by committed suicide as well. (Just my personal oppinion, but have never see some thing embarrassed woman that much but still could become st like a syndrom like that. Sorry for my poor English, it is not my first language. )

  • Jean199999

    And I joyfully accept that mantle of retardation…moar please !!!

  • John Glenn

    No, it wasn’t that the actors couldn’t pronounce the names right, it’s that stupid M. Night Shithead changed the pronunciation of the names on purpose so that they would sound more “traditional,” whatever that means. So basically he was telling the creators of the show that they were dumb for pronouncing the names the way they did. M. Night Shlong should be exiled to Siberia.

  • John Glenn

    The Transformers movies aren’t exactly smart or even coherent, but they are fun and entertaining none the less.

  • blk guy

    anyone see dragonball..wantd to punch the person sitting next to me

  • Anonymous Coward 218

    The Last Airbender was carried by the ANIMATED Series fan base. Whatever you think of the film, the animated series is one of the BEST animated series EVER, hands down! If only HALF of the effort of the animated series were put into the movie, it would have/could have been epic.

  • TriadWarfare

    Sorry to break it to you but I’m pretty sick and tired of reading comments about not liking the movie because of ‘Pronunciation’. We Asians do not care. I have watched the series (I’m downloading them right now and finished the Legend of Korra) and we pronounce their names differently from the westerners because we avoid putting a ‘slang’ since it’s too western and it’s uncomfortable to use it in our native language. Do not hate the movie because of the character’s pronunciation. The Director (I won’t even try to spell his name) f-d up big time because of bad cast and script, and not because of the pronunciation of the characters.
    Please do not discriminate. It’s just like telling us that you hate the Asians for not pronouncing the names of the characters with a slang (just like in the original cartoons) but it was made to represent Asians.
    Westerners have been putting dubs on Japanese Animes for years and their pronunciation is way off but we’re not complaining about it. Why should you?

  • Sinthia Martinez

    Hey! What did Siberia ever do to you? Don’t punish Siberia, man.

  • Sinthia Martinez

    You. No. It is not an anime, even if it’s inspired by anime. It is american animation, therefore, not an anime, thank you very much. And just NO. The movie was just bad. The water tribe was played by Inuit(or Inuit looking) people, so why couldn’t the two main kids also be Inuit, you can’t just shove some white people in with your “racially accurate” group of actors. If the guy wanted to make it feel more “realistic” and have each of the nations be portrayed by the main country/nation/culture that it’s based on (a hard thing to do, since they’re a mix of many cultures) the Earth Kingdom would be Chinese, The Fire nation would be Japanese, the Water Tribe Inuit/Eskimo and the Air Nomads would be either Tibetan, or Indian.

    TL;DR M. Night did not do a good job translating Avatar: The Last Airbender into a movie. And that’s just based on casting.

  • Sinthia Martinez

    News flash, dude, Avatar is not an anime, it’s an american Cartoon. It can only be considered anime if it is Japanese.

  • Michael V. Drejer

    Suddenly I feel very good about myself. I haven’t seen a single one of those movies… not one, and I don’t plan to either.

  • Rikk Wolf

    Why aren’t The Resident Evil films mentioned?


    As bad as some of these movies supposedly are, I’ve seen most of them and enjoyed them all. (Except Meet the Spartans, that one actually did suck.) You want a list of sucky movies that made a lot of money. 1. all the Twilight films. 2. Napolean Dynamite. 3. anything w/ the name Tyler Perry attached to it.

  • Ross Jones-Morris

    ” I give you the highest earning rubbish in Hollywood history (measured as 5% and under on Rotten Tomatoes with two exceptions).” The exceptions being The Devil Inside because it’s an interesting story of hit and run marketing and The Last Airbender because it made so much money on 7% critical approval. Resident Evil got 34% and it’s sequels similar.

  • Someguy

    Ha! Guess they didn’t like movie parodies, I loved Meet the Spartans!

  • ShutYourMouthDave

    I don’t see why people are hating on Transformers. Given what they were working with the film series is a masterpiece compared to most adaptations.

    Were talking about a toyline that was made on purpose just so they could turn it into a cartoon!! What the hell did you expect???

    This isn’t a story made with profound depth or intended to provide some deeper meaning to life etc. Its a F*CKING SCI-FI ACTION FILM!!!!

    All the people who’ve been spoiled by cgi films need to stfu. Ungrateful dumbass people, who badmouth movies like Transformers but glue their skulls to the screen when trainwreck TV shows like Jersey shore comes on.

    Do you work in hollywood? Ever written a script?…

  • Retardpyro86

    Its amazing how idiots call other people idiots for liking films they don’t agree with.

    …and the Transformer series was AWESOME!!!


  • AangSad

    Last Airbender was a trainwreck of a film. There was no excuse for this to happen as they had TONS of source material to work with. I won’t point out the numerous mistakes they made since most of you have done so already.

    As soon as I heard M. Night was directing I knew it was a huge mistake.
    What confuses me even more is how the creators of the show could possibly think he was the right choice to direct. His style is so incompatible with the series.

    One word is needed to describe The Last Airbender movie and its future…


  • MeganRed

    I’m sorry but a Dragonball film should be made in Japan.
    This isn’t a movie that should have American actors.

  • washintabolisarficanious

    Thats because the film was made in America instead of Japan, like it should have been in the first place!!

  • Dude


  • pyro85

    And the Darwin Award goes to you for thinking that there is anything redeeming about the series.

  • NoYouShutYourMouth

    People hate those movies because the sequels are terrible. Most of the characters are annoying, especially the stereotype characters. I’ll admit that I liked the first movie but after TF2 and TF3 the series has to come to an end.
    Also, you forgot to mention that the movies are directed by Michael Bay. I mean, what did anyone expect him to do?

  • NoYouShutYourMouth

    (Face palms) Really? You really want more even though the last two were bad?

  • NoYouShutYourMouth

    Its amazing how idiots call other people idiots for not liking films that aren’t good. The first movie was ok, but the second and third were awful.

  • Peter

    just because rotten tomatoes rates a movie low does not make it a terrible film. Christmas with the Kranks? That has been a christmas favorite for tons of families throughout europe and the americas. It is a great movie, very well done. And the book it is based off, just so good. Same with Old Dogs. Sure this one was silly, and maybe not the best made movie, but it is definitely a good movie.

  • Peter

    Exactly. it was a great movie. Tons of people have seen it as a christmas fave

  • Ross Jones-Morris

    The way I saw it what’s a more widely acceptable judgement of a movie? Rotten Tomatoes’ review aggregator or my very specific and personal whims? Went for Rotten Tomatoes as it is quite a definitively titled article and so I wanted some sort of definitive answer. But that’s just me.

  • Shäun Rowan

    Whom ever made this list probably dont realize that the Last Air-Bender is the REAL AVATOR!! < and 1000% better then that Blue Alien B.S movie made by James Cameron …NOT one of hes movie are any GOOD!! you ppl have no clue! Avatar the last airbender just came out at the Wrong Time just when 3D movies were staring to come out!! i know nobody that didnt WALK out of the James Cameron AVATAR!! < Worst movie EVER !!

  • Jack Treese

    Oh, right. I forgot that when one person doesn’t like a film it means everyone else should hate it too.


    Christmas with the Kranks was kinda cute, and I haven’t seen Old Dogs, but I do want to.

  • Eden

    nice list, very well written

  • Heather Bliss

    better Siberia than here,,, lol

  • Heather Bliss

    it was pretty funny :P

  • Heather Bliss

    I thought it was friggin’ hilarious! ^.^

  • Heather Bliss

    But it was done by M. Night,,, Why the HELL are people even surprised????? ~.^

  • Heather Bliss

    I have never played a RE game and I think the movies suck,,,,

  • Myrtu

    My brother and I went to watch The Last Airbender. We are huge fans of the TV show, and I’m sure that’s why most people went to watch it. Or, people who were convinced by fans to go watch it with them.

  • Eric Hendrix

    How can you list “All Films Directed By Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer” then include 3 of those films in the list.

  • matthew white

    The movie 300 should be at the top of the shitties movie list of all time for worst movies that made a lot of money off of idiots.

  • john logan

    ya i agree 300 was one of the worst movies ever and should be on this list. a waste of money. naked men running around in tight spandex haha how gay…

  • Barancy Peloma

    jesus christ- jack and jill made 149 million? wtfn people sandler is awful and people should not be going to his movies.

  • kirbyderby

    I’ve never seen the Transformers movies, but I can still disagree that someone is “retarded” because they enjoy a movie (unless that movie is Twilight). No, your retarded for thinking you can judge someones intelligent over the internet.

  • The Masses

    Haahah!! I find this hilarious.

  • WillRon

    The effects and especially the fight scenes were what I enjoyed most about this film (also the only thing I enjoyed about it). I was looking forward to Night doing some action I thought those few scenes turned out good.

  • pyro85

    The same can be said about you shithead.

  • NoYouShutYourMouth

    Avatar may not be Cameron’s best work, there are far worse movies than it. Cameron has made quite a few great movies. If you’re going to write off all of his movies as bad just because of one you didn’t like, that is just childish, to say the least.

  • Jack Dalton

    Airbender is the only one I watched out of the 10. Did anyone actually watch in in the cinema? I streamed it on Netflix and, to be fair, they tried to warn me. I had never rated anything below 2 stars, and their “best guess” for my appreciation of this film was 1.8 stars. But the blurb didn’t sound like something I would hate so much, and also I had the title confused with another (probably) bad film I can’t even remember because I have never found it anywhere. And sometimes (rarely) the Netflix algorithm is completely wrong about my tastes. Sadly, my thoughts after viewing were, “They spent all this money, but they kind of forgot to make a movie!”

  • Nitaka

    Eragon should’ve been on this list as well!

  • Jerome

    You could have just said any Adam Sandler p.o.s. Let’s not forget James Cameron’s constant contributions to the mindless multitudes. “Unobtanium” my eye!

  • Mark Mcbride

    I want to ask M. knight Shymalan.. why in the world did he rename Aang… Aung???? The movie was horrible enough without him having done that… I need to know…. why did he do that?? why man?? why?

  • Katie

    I don’t think M Night even watched the show…

  • iLoveIan

    Um hello? Where’s Twilight? Shouldn’t that be like number one?

  • my names not frank :|

    last airbender was the WORST movie I have ever seen. The only thing it’s good for is watching it to make fun of it and point out everything that is wrong with friends (beileve me it’s alot of things) This movie makes me angry mostly because it butchered a fantastic show that I still love to this day and I am so disappointing because it could have been amazing but unfortunately it seems the producers didn’t even watch the shows because almost NONE of the names were pronounced right and only portions of the siege of the north were correct and the rest of the movie was so wrong and the actors/eses were terrible. The only thing I only some what approved of was Yue and even that was sketchy. I think the only episode they watched was the episode were they did the play because that’s about how accurate it was. I basically refuse to accept the movie and basically just forget it ever existed because in my opinion (and any one who ever watched the show and liked it) the movie was a complete disappointment that makes me want to curl up in a whole and cultivate mushrooms and wallow in my own self depression (yes I am slightly over dramatic but you get my point) anyway to sum things upTHE MOVIE REEKED OF HORSE POOP! thank you for listening to my rant, which I doubt anyone has or ever will but getting it out feels good.

  • my names not frank :|

    lol that’s really funny. They knew to leave the trashing to the fans because we can’t get in trouble for it and we can get our point which I assume is the same as theirs across quite nicely… or not so nicely, however you want to take it

  • Jess Hurley

    I actually loved it ans saw it twice. I didn’t start watching the show till after the movie came out. I still don’t know anyone that saw it that hated it as much as everyone seems to hate it.

  • Ashems BoBashems

    Booyah, haven’t seen any of these. Lmao.

  • Matthew Hickman

    Also Nolan’s Batman Movies boy do those suck

  • Rasta Blaster

    Wouldve have had some honourable mentions, Dark Knight Rises made more then it was worth, a terrible film

  • quaneylfc

    i liked the last airbender, though i am 19 years old and i don’t watch cartoons, maybe that had something to do with it

  • Brandon

    I have two questions 1) how come people like that are allowed to make movies when all they want tot do is make money and not entertain us? And 2) is rotten tomatoes really a reliable source of bad movies? I don’t know if I’m talking gibberish or something but is it a reliable source?

  • John

    Why does everyone think The Devil Inside was such a bad film? Yes it was predictable, but I thought it was very entertaining.

  • Lori Galvin


  • Lola

    the last airbender crushed my dreams…DX

  • faisbross

    I think The Last Airbender is an entertaining and captivating movie. It’s a movie for children but entertaining just the same. There are other movies that’s fit the ‘terrible’ description but I don’t think this is the one. I don’t know why it’s in the list.

  • faisbross

    Twilight series are girlie movies. So reasons such movies get the box office : Girls. Most of them have different taste than man like men have good taste and them, well, ugh. I’m not being sexist here (I did say ‘most’ didn’t I?) but there you have it, the reason why some terrible movies scores big at the box office : GIRLS. I can’t explain any further. That would take expertise of a brain surgeon and a professor of human anatomy. But to put it short, the problem is shallowness. Thank you

  • Tesla Nikola

    Please include Cameron’s Avatar

  • Terry

    I’ve always enjoyed watching people (mainly critics) bash spoof movies. They need to judged on a lower lower because that’s the point of spoof movies. You need to turn your brain off to enjoy them. I understood that when I saw Epic Movie in theaters when i was THIRTEEN because even then, i know how to enjoy a movie………. What i do agree on is The Last Airbender (chills) i’m surprised it made a lot of money, so the fan base thing explains it, thank you Jerry.

  • andy

    how come batman and robin isnt on here?! that was terrible!

  • moses lavy

    what about cars and cars 2?

  • bose_sucks

    The last Airbender was total crap, but you haven’t met anyone who watched because you probably don’t hang out with hundreds of 8-12 year olds. The TV show was Awesome, and should not have been that hard to reproduce on the big screen. M Night sucks

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    Getting though Airbender (which still sounds like something involving people who can harness their farts) was a challenge like climbing K2 or something.

  • Lucy

    So you’re saying girls are shallow? That’s a new one, I thought boys were the only ones accused of such things, not saying it’s true (at least not so often as many assume), but this, to me, is a new element of sexism, for while I don’t care one bit about the Twilight movies, I have friends who, inexplicably, gather depth ad meaning from them, which is misguided, yes, but it’s by no means shallow, not that I’m saying shallowness doesn’t exist amongst fans of the franchise, just that pinpointing it as the main cause of its sucess isn’t really fair.

  • Lucy

    Way to disrespect someone else’s opinion (which I proudly share)!

  • MSTRefugee

    Movies like this are why god created Rifftrax.

  • swopsock

    All though I may have enjoyed the flight of the concords reference the conditions weren’t perfect, but you did open my eyes to number three “The Devil Inside” sure it was a terrible but you gotta admit the brilliant marketing behind it.

  • Just aThought

    ….and the latest Ross Jones-Morris film? Yeah that is what I thought.

  • Connor

    Christmas with the cranks, the devil inside, jack and Jill, and old dogs are all pretty good movies.

  • Advocate_of_comedy

    wow any one notice this guy hates comedy 8 of the 10 films were comedy films .

  • Navin Nedraw

    On the one hand, animated characters have always been able to do things that real human characters could not. And, there will always be many who see disappointment in the transition. However, there are some movies that are an extreme disappointment to fans of the animated version. For many, The Last Airbender and Dragonball are included among the extremely disappointing human transitions, for the animated fans.

  • Daisy

    You’re such an asshole. I didn’t even bother to read your reviews because I could care less about what you had to say after all that ridiculously dumbass rude ridicule at the beginning about us viewers. Okay really?! We go to the movies and watch a movie to see if it’s good or to see if we actually like it !! The same fucking thing you are doing while you are “sitting on your pedestal” we are out with our friends or family to see a movie and have fun nothing more nothing less. I mean most of us can understand that after we watch a movie it sucked but that does not make us idiots for going and watching it you little snob. Thanks for your time and have a nice day you douchebag.