10 of the Best Superhero Costumes in Comic Book Movies

10 of the Best Superhero Costumes in Comic Book Movies

When it comes to bringing superheroes to life on the big screen, the biggest concerns are both who will be playing them and what the live-action versions of their costume will look like. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t.

However, the following ten selections are the what we consider to be the best that Hollywood has so far had to offer when it comes to the suits donned by various actors in comic book movies.

You can find out list of the 10 worst by clicking here. Agree? Disagree? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to tell us what you think about these choices in the comment section below!

10. Superman (Man of Steel)


While there’s a lot in Man of Steel that fans and critics disagree on, everyone seems to unanimously agree that Zack Snyder got the new suit just right. While the fact that it ditches the iconic (?) red undies may have surprised some, this was something that comic book readers were already extremely used to by the time the movie was released, as DC did away with those way back in September 2011 as part of their “The New 52” reboot.

Arguably one of the best things about this new suit is the fact that it not only looks like nothing that came before, but that it’s not in the least bit difficult to believe that its origins are alien.

  • ThePatriot

    I would have put V on here (http://www.gamedots.mx/media/gd/styles/gallerie/public/images/2013/04/v.jpg) instead of Hawkeye. Nice list though.

  • Observer

    Man of Steel? Ugh, no.

    Chris Reeve all day…

  • tato

    aww come on guys… get real Reeve was a good superman back in the day…now it’s almost laughable…. I felt that Man of Steel’s superman looked just like the superman from the comics…

  • DrNope

    Man of Steel missed a great opportunity to bring Superman’s superior New 52 costume to the screen. What they had was ok but it wasn’t great.

  • DrNope

    Also more worthy than Man of Steel.

  • Josh Bluemel

    This The best Superhero Costume of all time

  • micky

    wher the hell is the michael keaton batman costume, first black batman costume of all time ?? imitated by the horrible nolan film. it should’ve been in the top 5.

  • Bugbog

    Indeed. Especially given the fact that it’s made the transition into real-life use! (I.e. masks used by protesters).

  • Doc

    Yecchh. The new Superman suit looks too much like lizard skin….scaly. And dropping the “trunks” was a horrible decision.