10 Characters Who Should Be Brought Back For Star Wars Episode VII

10 Characters Who Should Be Brought Back For Star Wars Episode VII

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We’ve already seen that many of the original cast from the Star Wars movies will be making a return in 10 Characters Who Should Be Brought Back For Star Wars Episode VII and so the rumour mill spins once again with thousands bringing their Star Wars knowledge to bear on the question of who will lead us into a new trilogy.

Despite countless conflicting reports, we already know that Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) will all be back in some capacity for Star Wars Episode VII. However, this trio is far from the only fan favourite characters that fans would like to see return, so who else deserves to have their stories continue in the J.J. Abrams helmed sequel to the original trilogy?

It’s tricky to think of anyone from the prequels, not just because of their inherent awfulness, but also as it just wouldn’t make sense without the use of flashbacks (after all, it would be bizarre for Obi-Wan’s ghost form to suddenly be a fresh faced Ewan McGregor rather than the late, great Alec Guinness).

Here are ten suggestions for Star Wars characters that should make an appearance in Star Wars Episode VII…

10. Lando Calrissian



Over the course of two films, Lando Calrissian cemented himself as one of THE most popular characters in the Star Wars franchise, and Billy Dee Williams has actually expressed interest in reprising the role numerous times.

While he was never quite as well fleshed out as the rest of the main cast members, Lando was an important member of the group by the time that the credits rolled on Return of the Jedi, so it would be a great shame to not see him make at least a brief appearance of some sort in Episode VII.

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  • Danny Creamer

    Sixty years after the events of Return of the Jedi, Boba does escape the Sarlacc. It’s in a book, but for the life of me, I can’t remember the title.

  • Korabljenik

    The fact that one of the most evil villains in the history of cinema had
    somehow managed to escape true death in order to continue making the
    lives of the Skywalker family a misery would also certainly help make
    the conflict in this new trilogy all the more personal.

    I really, really hope that the list writer was joking.
    I mean, seriously – 5 films where Palpatine was a leading villain… and you want more of him?
    Instead of making new stuff, you would only like to see old things?

  • Michael

    It doesn’t seem like the writer researched the expanded universe very well. If the bring the emperor back its more likely to happen as a clone. With don’t really do the spectral form gimmick although some of the ancient dead ones seemed capable of a type of possession if I remember correctly..

  • Michael

    Oh and on a negative note. Yay, Abrams is going to get to make another action Sci FI and slap a famous name on it, soiling even more of my childhood. Maybe he’ll twist the knife by making it an alternate timeline story like. He did while pooing on Roddenberry’s vision of star trek

  • Le Boyd

    There EXISTS a Tarkin-like character in the extended universe, and his name is Thrawn!! But if they are “reviving” Darth Vader, I am guessing that Thrawn isn’t even a consideration in Ep.VII

  • Baz_mann

    I think Dengar yanks him out of the pit in Tales of the Bounty Hunters.

  • Baz_mann

    The official line is that they will not use the Expanded Universe as source material, so researching is, in theory, pointless. All bets are off.

  • Bang Bang

    Thank god this article writer is not THE writer! :D

    If there are ANY mentions of Jar Jar or any race starting with the letter G, Abrams may just be drawn and quartered.

  • Casey

    Well, if they were to follow the general outline of the expanded universe with the solo kids, specifically Jacen becoming Darth Caedus, you could use his flowalking ability to shoehorn Darth Vader into the movies, without actually bringing him back from the dead.

  • bfg666

    Anakin could come back as a force ghost but surely not Vader, or maybe you haven’t seen episode VI…

  • bfg666

    Not using something is not necessarily negating it. If they know what’s best for them, they should do something that won’t irate the fans, and surely negating the EU would.

  • bfg666

    I think doing something different while still acnowledging the old material is the best proof of respect one can give to the creator of a franchise. Having done that with Trek, I believe he’s the best man for the job of making SWVII. Please tame your fanboy anger or at least refrain it until after the movie is out, when you can actually judge it.

  • Amanda Marvell

    One of the bounty hunter wars, if I recall correctly it was much less than 60 years. Can’t remember the plot either, something to do with him escaping the sarlacc to kill the chief engineer of the super star destroyer.

  • Amanda Marvell

    While I agree with you, having the same guy direct star trek and star wars, is essentially blasphemy.

  • Mandalore42

    really? Why no geonosians? Or Gand? Gormaks(Gormaki? What’s the plural here)? Gamorreans? I like gamorreans. They got big axes.

  • Danny Creamer

    Yeah, I was reading the Wiki, and I guess the book I read, it was actually a flashback. According to the Wiki, it wasn’t very long at all.
    I wanna say the Wiki said 4ABY, but that honestly doesn’t sound right.

  • Soldier

    The Sith Lord is dead, and that would be idiotic to bring him back. We seen his ass explode in the fire explosion type pit of death when Darth Vader threw his ass in there to save his Son.

  • Arildto

    The single reason Boba Fett is considered awesome is that he only had a few lines and had a cool helmet and rocket back pack.

    His actual role in episodes V and VI do not at all indicate that he is particularly kick ass – or even competent. He does not capture Han Solo himself, but has him handed over by Vader, and in the next film he is basically accidentally hurled into a supersized garburator by a blind man.

  • Bang Bang

    :D And lets not forget the Gonorrheans. They have big doctor bills.

  • camaro_mang

    they could clone vader?

  • DontH8-IG88

    Maybe Vader will have made a Holocron, which Luke (or someone else) uses. . .

  • potvin

    Including Jar-Jar Binks just to see him killed off seems a little excessive.

  • Wallace Morrison

    Billy D, Billy D, Billy D!!!

  • Wallace Morrison

    I am so glad this writer is not the casting agent. Jar Jar was annoying and doesn’t hold a caliberish note to being in the same room with Solo and the emperor died. Do we need to keep going with these BS shenanigans?

  • Wallace Morrison

    Vader, Yoda and Boba Fett all died in the movie. Sigh

  • bfg666

    That’s fine with me, I’m no bigot. Now if Amanda Marvell is your real name, I want to marry you and take your name.

  • bfg666

    Um, no. I’m sure many of us would play that scene in a loop.

  • bfg666

    Enough with this clone crap! It was bad enough when they did it with the Emperor (and not once but twice, mind you), is it really necessary to wish they did it with Vader too?

  • Amanda Marvell

    :) Yep, descendant of French poet Andrew Marvell, there is a high school in northern England named after him.

  • bfg666

    It’s possible since RoTJ begins in 3ABY.

  • bfg666

    I think you mean english. I’m french and I never heard of him (plus, it’s not a french name at all), so I googled him up and he was from Yorkshire. I had no idea such a name could exist in real life. As a long time fan of Marvel comics, I find it pretty cool.

  • Amanda Marvell

    Really, thanks, my Dad always told me he was french. Yep, its a pretty cool name, kinda have to feel sorry for the rest of my family who can’t stand the comics, but lucky me i guess.

  • bfg666

    You’re welcome. According to Wikipedia:
    “Marvell was born in Winestead-in-Holderness, East Riding of Yorkshire, near the city of Kingston upon Hull, the son of a Church of England clergyman also named Andrew Marvell. The family moved to Hull when his father was appointed Lecturer at Holy Trinity Church there, and Marvell was educated at Hull Grammar School. A secondary school in the city is now named after him.”

    The only connections to France I found are that he spoke french fluently (along with italian and spanish) and that he visited the Protestant Academy of Saumur in 1656 with William Dutton. He also apparently travelled Europe during the 1640’s but no specifics are detailed.

  • Amanda Marvell

    Don’t be, ‘we thought that was true, but the clever guy from the internet proved us wrong all along,’ is a funnier story for the relatives.

  • bfg666

    Cool, I’m glad to read that. It would be quite awesome if you had a captain in your family. Captain Marvell.

  • Jason

    Jar Jar was a trophy (Frozen in corbonite) on a collectors wall in one of the “Force Unleashed” games. Unfreeze him and shoot him.

  • Chris Hayes

    yes it was dengar that helps boba escape the pit and it was the bounty wars book 1 and it was based on the same time as rotj.and boba is still going strong in all the new series contuning the expaned universe of the skywalker and solo clan. so he should be some part of the story unless they do the right thing and bring the best trilogy in the expaned univerise and that’s thrawn

  • Iknowmystarwars

    Half of the people in the list are DEAD!!!!!!!!!

  • Wahoo

    weres Han Solo


    Boba lives he did infact got out that satlacc pit only the would not put it in the movie because they did not find that nessesary.

  • Randy L Hill

    All of you need to read the books…even the author of this Section….

  • Charles Ayala

    I am not familiar with any of the EU of Star Wars, but all I know is that JJ Abrams writing/directing and Disney’s budget/cast of professional moviemakers I have full faith that it will be light years better than Ep. I-III.

  • Jacob

    the emperor has a clone the real one is dead

  • Rawrbug

    I’m hoping Grand Admiral Thrawn will be in this

  • GreenPigMan

    Just wouldn’t be Star Wars without some Gamorreans.

  • bach

    i’d like to see the lagacy story as well..but more likely we’ll see the fate series towards the endor perhaps even beyond..

  • bach

    boba is still around…even 60 years later…

  • bach

    two words…essence transfer…it’s how darth endeddu did it thousands of years earlier…palpatine got his holocron and learned….probably aquired from plaguis…

  • bach

    the empire becomes an entity all unto itself..eventually controlling 7 planets in it’s own system….and they are still around 60 years later….

  • bach

    alas chewbacca is killed during the yutsan vong wars…which was 30 some years after jedi…

  • Ekimolaos

    your lack of fantasy is disturbing… seriously, what you actually ask is an exact remake of the story told in Star Wars IV-VI. A sith can never achieve the “ghostly form”, as it can only be achieved by the light side of the force… and even if they could, this would mean that the story would be the same as the previous… I know disney is bad and they WILL screw up 100%, but adding an almost identical story will be very stupid, even for them

  • Movie Man

    Every movie Abrams has made sucks. He has no imagination for story telling. Every story is told as a mystery as to what is happening. The audiance is in the dark as the movie is unfolding. Then at the end of his movies your let in on whats going on and it wasn’t worth hiding. That’s why he makes movies that way. If you knew what was going on at the beginning you’d factor that information into it as you watch it and think that it was dumb. So he always holds off on what’s really happening till the end. That way you can’t think about how stupid it was till after you left the theater, but hey at least the action was cool. Micheal Bay’s long lost brother!

  • bfg666

    Yeah, right. What’s the point in chiming in one month later just to spit such nonsensical bile? You can’t honestly compare Abrams to that Michael Bay.

  • Jamie Peake

    The EU is not cannon but elements from it have been made cannon. This list was really put together poorly. Half of them are dead and should not be returned in any form other than a force ghost or Holocron image. Chewbacca, C3PO and R2-D2 are elements not for consideration, they should be in the film as they are in the core group. The expansion of characters sotry lines such as IG-88 and Lando would be great. Leave Bobba Fett dead, this isn’t an episode of Dragon Ball Z. I don’t see the point of everyone hoping and praying for his return to be made cannon just the same as the emperor and darth mauls return. If you were going to bring someone back, I’d bring back mace windu! he fell out of a window, Anakin survived that fall in the AOTC so mace should be able to survive his fall in ROTS. I think this list needs a little more imagination.

  • blah

    I loved the original trilogy with a love that was more than a love. And reading this list makes it pretty obvious to me that my only interest in the sequels will be what Red Letter Media does with them.

  • Chris Edward Anatalio

    lol, I knew darth vader would be number one

  • Ross80

    It’s like Lucas said after Darth Maul died…He’s dead. When I want another bad guy, I’ll make one. There are OTHER BADASS VILLIANS that can make us all believe again. Believe it – there is another villain that has yet to hit the silver screen that is better than Vader.

  • BtrThnU

    He is loved for his back story. True fans appreciate the entire Star Wars universe and are not limited by the movies.

  • Fletch

    If you read into the expanded universe (which I have, admittedly), there’s some great stories that deeply involve Boba. He escapes from the Sarlac, and goes to take the mantel of Mandalor, the leader of the semi-nomadic Mandalorians who, until a recent canon change in the animated series, were the best mercenaries in the galaxy. Becoming the leader of the Mandalorians can be passed down, but it’s most commonly achieved by fighting the currently leader and killing him, making the Mandalor the best of the best; in this case: Boba Fett.

  • Person

    i wish for a movie about Revan from knights of the old republic 1 ;D

  • Nick_1

    Would love to see Cad Bane make an appearance.

  • richard33

    he died in the only original side story, he was killed by dash rendar in shadows of the empire. this is true

  • Anna Whittaker

    Boba fett did escape the sarlacc in the books.

  • Dar Kenigma

    if I hear cannon one more time I’m going to puke

  • Chris DelVecchio

    Windu would be way too old for E7 but I like your thinking. They could totally do Mace and I would hope the Magnificent Seven/Seven Samurai rumor was true but with cyber armed Mace a bit on the kookoo side from the lightning rounding up 6 other hidden Jedi on Coruscant to help someone in the newly formed Alliance. And this is how you can bring back Vader- have him take care of real Jedi not the younglings and cowardly Separatists leaders.

  • Chris DelVecchio

    anyone not named George Lucas will do a better job than what we saw in I-III

  • Chris DelVecchio

    the only canon is official Lucasfilm stuff- the movies, The Clone Wars series, probably Shadows and the new Rebels show all else is subject to change.

  • Scott

    In the expanded universe, Boba Fett did NOT die in the Sarlaac. His armor protected him enough for him to stay alive and escape.

  • Chris Ferguson

    It seems like everyone can come back from the dead, but the purple lightsaber black guy.

  • brandon

    i think anakin should be back in this new one but as darth vader,it could be a return of him kinda thing were he could have survived in 6 and escaped that ship?

  • Matt Smith

    How the hell can you compare Tarkin to someone as amazing as Thrawn? Tarkin was a smelly, old, overly-confident ass without nearly as much genius or likability as Thrawn. I genuinely hope you’re just confused…

  • Kaizo

    Anakin is seen as a ghost standing next to yoda and Obi Wan at the end of the Return of the Jedi. He is dead, learn to let go.

  • Ryan Mcghee

    Okay I can kill one of the writer of this article’s suggestions off and in the same breath suggest a replacement or three. Anyone here played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? If so you can find out the fate of Jar Jar AND bring not one but at least 2 new characters into this entire thing.

    In the mission to Kashyyk, you enter Captain Ozzik Sturn’s quarters and on one of the walls you get to see that Jar Jar found himself a fate worse than death, being encased in carbonite as a trophy. Quick flashback to that along with the meeting of the character(s) I’m about to introduce with Leia for the first time, and BAM, problem solved.

    Okay, so that would lead to including Starkiller (Galen Marek) and Juno Eclipse into the mix. Yes some of you are saying “Starkiller sacrificed himself on the first death star and the second game was all rubbish because he’s a clone” No, you don’t really know that the main character of the second game actually IS a clone. Bring Marek in as an older grey jedi if you will who wants to help restore the jedi order…

  • Jdjs

    Though he doesn’t capture Han, he is the one who tracked them to Bespin.

  • Fnalcj

    What was wrong with Jango’s death? If you paid attention to that scene, you would see why it was so “quick.”

  • RedSatyr

    Problem with this list #1. Those who are of the Dark Side do not come back as Ghosts. Not unless they are haunting their tomb or are part of a Holocron. There may be some comics which contradict this, but those aren’t canon.

  • Jorell Villanueva

    Boba Fett DID escape the sarlacc pit. Author of this article really needs to read up on some SW lore. :P

  • Charles Ayala

    what better way to level the playing field, both universes were so drastically different. Now they share the same person’s vision

  • Rich


  • Dan Liebman

    I’m sure they’ll use some post-Empire literature as a basis for Episode VII, such as Boba Fett’s survival, the Solo kids and the Jedi Academy, and the Imperial remnant’s leaders like Thrawn.

  • Lex Fett

    Hell yeah; two words: Jodo Kast !!!

  • Arildto

    He has been given a great back story because he was one of the most popular characters from the movies. In those stories, especially the ones where he is the main character, he is obviously going to kick ass.

    In the movies, however, he doesn’t really do anything to prove that he is any good at all.

  • Darth Spock

    This doesn’t make sense in regard to Jar-Jar Binks:

    “Just SOMETHING to give us the satisfaction of knowing that he will never return in any major sort of capacity. Please!”

    So… You want to bring him back on the screen just to kill him so that you’ll know that you’ll never have to see him again?!? That’s completely contradictory! Let this shame of a character be, never to be seen or referenced again.

  • guest

    yoda and darth vader both freaking died if they appear in the next god damn movie count me out

  • Thore Ottosson

    Author seems to have very little star wars geek knowledge…
    1. Gungans are not terribly long lived, and considering that these movies would probably be set around 50 years or who knows how long after ep.3 it is doubtful that Jar-Jar is still alive.
    2. Thrawn is pretty much a blue-skinned uber Tarkin, and is established as the leader for some time of the Imperial Remnant.
    3. The Emperor does return, both as a force spirit and later possessing a clone through some dark side mojo… Maybe not in that order. And dark side spirits were probably established earlier in the timeline than light side ones (maybe). Many of the old Sith Lords learned from dead predecessors. And you even meet a few in the video games – KotOR, Jedi Academy amongst others.

    4. C3PO should be around, R2D2 as well. They are there in the extended universe anyway… Threepeeo mostly being useless, as usual.
    5. Fett did survive the sarlacc…
    6. Well, Han Solo without Chewie? No way… at least until the spoiler thing.

  • Thore Ottosson

    He uses a form of the trick Bane used/attempted… Old spirit of Sidious in a fresh clone body. If memory serves…

  • Thore Ottosson

    Would be hopelessly stupid of them to not use the expanded universe. Going against it would probably cause a shit-storm that could possibly not do anything good for the movies and whatever else they come up with.

  • Sam

    Fuck Jar-Jar Binks

  • David Tennant

    The REAL Matt Smith would bite his tongue before speaking so of respected classic Brit actor Peter Cushing…

  • Clearly

    What they should do is have the Empire’s top brass secretly replace Vader with an advanced robotic replica, since a degree of their control comes down to his straight-up fearsomeness.

    If the Empire covered up the deaths of their top two leaders, it might help explain why the house of cards didn’t topple for another 30 years. Perhaps Thrawn pulling the strings behind the scenes.

  • david k

    Its jj abrams.he took episode 1 and made a star trek film. So expect him to repackage wrath of khan as episode vii

  • david k

    Took episode iv*

  • Ryan Johnson

    Actually Lucas planned on doing more with Boba Fett in the movies to show why he was the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. It was cut from the final script due to running time and budget constraints.

  • Ryan Johnson

    If you read the expanded universe and the novelization of ROTJ. Anikin returned to the light side and became one with the force. The cremation was only Vader’s Armor.

  • Chris

    I remember speaking with Jeremy Bulloch at a the Elstree convention years ago. He said he spent 3 days filming in the set of Slave, all of which was not used. So that would support some comments above :)

  • Chris

    Er this article is shit in my opinion. It is just wild speculation combined with a lack of research. Anyone here could have written this before breakfast!

  • coz

    There are literally thousands of years worth of material from the expanded universe to make movies out of. Why do all of the movies, and the newly planned trilogy, have to revolved around one family and 30-60 years of events? It’s getting a bit ridiculous and I’m sick of Vader and the Skywalkers and Han. Can we move on to new material already? Jesus

  • DL

    Need more tusken raiders and zabrak

  • Fred

    Brother can’t catch a break.

  • Fred

    Perhaps Dar meant Pachelbel’s “‘Canon’ in D”

  • SuperFandral

    Enough of Yoda and Vader. Palpatine could work effectively in a brief ghost/flashback appearance, just to scare the heck out of us.

    The problem with bring Jar Jar back to kill him is that in doing so, you acknowledge that he exists. That is unacceptable.

  • SuperFandral

    Boba Fett, like Yoda, worked best when he was mysterious. The prequels did not improve the mystique of those characters. However, I’d loved to see a Boba Fett/Bounty Hunter Wars type of spinoff film.

  • SuperFandral

    I find your lack of faith disturbing.