Sean Penn Haunts Dublin in Set Pics for This Must Be The...

Sean Penn Haunts Dublin in Set Pics for This Must Be The Place

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A couple of weeks ago we posted that Paolo Sorrentino’s new film, This Must Be The Place, had found a new cast member in the form of Eve Hewson, who is set to play a goth-punk girl who befriends Sean Penn’s character, an aging rock star who is set on finding the Nazi who tortured and killed his father in a concentration camp.

Filming for Sorrentino’s film is going on in Dublin at the moment and WENN (via dlisted) have these pictures of a bewigged Penn preparing for a shot.

The Daily Mail did a brilliant write up when they posted slightly different pictures,

The notoriously difficult star recently celebrated his 50th birthday at a birthday lunch with Dublin local Bono. True to form, he left his own birthday party after a mere two hours, looking grumpy and annoyed.

And then helpfully clarified,

This Must Be The Place will be released at some point next year (2011).





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