Ranking DC’s Comic Book Movie Posters – The Top 20

Ranking DC’s Comic Book Movie Posters – The Top 20

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Not too long ago, we published a feature with thirty comic book covers which would serve as the perfect inspiration for live-action posters (if you missed it, you can find it by clicking here). Many of you agreed with a lot of those suggestions, but to be fair, those we’ve already had aren’t all bad! Admittedly, many have been terrible – take Fox’s one-sheet’s for X-Men: First Class – but there are more than enough posters which are worthy of a place on your wall.

In the interest of fairness, we haven’t included any of Mondo’s posters, instead sticking to those officially released by studios and displayed in your local cinema. So, without further ado, here are our top fifty comic book movie posters in order of least to most favourite. We haven’t judges these posters on looks alone though, as a number of factors were taken into account when choosing which ones were deserving of a place on this list. It could be down to design or generally how well they hype the movie they’re for!

In this list, we’ll be focusing on DC’s posters, and if you like it, we’ll be back with one for Marvel’s! There will almost certainly be a few of your favourites we may have forgotten, so be sure to sound off with your thoughts on our suggestions in the comment section below.

20. Man of Steel

 Ranking DCs Comic Book Movie Posters   The Top 20

Despite the fact that Warner Bros. promoted Man of Steel like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy in the trailers, the quality of its poster campaign didn’t exactly match that series. However, while this poster is essentially just a still from the movie with a lens flare effect added to it, it’s an image which built a huge amount of hype and intrigue for Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. After all, we’re used to seeing the iconic hero striking any number of equally iconic poses, so to see Superman in handcuffs and surrounded by the military sent a very clear statement that Man of Steel was like no past film featuring the character.

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  • finfrosk

    Think you might have forgotten about those Nolan Batman-movies.. :p

  • Aung San Win

    I think Rises teaser poster should be in the top five.

  • Seriously?

    How about some more Batman posters?