On-set shots of Mega City One from Judge Dredd (sort of)

On-set shots of Mega City One from Judge Dredd (sort of)

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I am a little unsure what to make of or say about these. Bleeding Cool have scooped some on-location snaps of various entrances to and sections of Mega City One, the centre of the action for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Judge Dredd, starring Karl Urban.

The problem is, it looks a bit, well, unspectacular. Obviously it would be premature to be too harsh on the look of these snaps, given what a little bit of post-production CGI-augmentation can achieve these days, but still….

We have a loading dock, some graffiti, the South Entrance to Mega City One and some straightforward regulations to be adhered to by all citizens on pain of, I guess, judgement.

I think I need to try to not get too bent out of shape over how tacky this looks. After all, the first online trailer for Avatar looked pretty badly rendered and in the end we were presented with one of the most visually impressive and immersive films in recent memory.

Enjoy the pics below. As always, more as we get it.