New Images, Joss Whedon Q&A Video and a Posterful of Praise for...

New Images, Joss Whedon Q&A Video and a Posterful of Praise for The Cabin in the Woods

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Three years have passed since cameras rolled on The Cabin in the Woods and in two short weeks we’ll get our chance to enjoy Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s take on the horror genre.

If you’ve had your ear to the internet you’ll have seen the phenomenal word of mouth this film has received since screening for critics over the past couple of months as well and as if to hammer the praise home this new poster is full of quotes taken from some of the outlets lucky enough to have seen the film. And you can believe every one.

Also below are three non-spoilery pictures from the film and a Q&A session in which Joss Whedon answers some questions about the film’s inception and prodution.

Here’s the poster, video and new images (which can be clicked to go big) . Go crazy, but do definitely go and see it.

Coming Soon came soon with the images.

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