The CounsellorSometimes the best advice you can give is the most honest. Michael Fassbender is feeling stuck and Javier Bardem seems to have few words of wisdom for him. Ridley Scott’s latest, a seemingly compelling tale of a lawyer well and truly out of his depth once caught up in drug dealing, looks set to further cement his reputation as one of the most talented and accomplished directors working in cinema.

If nothing else, the cast is to die for, with Fassbender and Bardem joined by Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Goran Visnjic and Bruno Ganz.

We’ve already given you plenty of clips, stills and trailers (you can refresh your memory here) and now we have another clip with an increasingly agitated Fassbender trying to work out how to extricate himself. Methinks he’s going to struggle. it just seems like that sort of film. Enjoy.

The Counsellor (or The Counselor if you prefer) rolls out across the US and the rest of the world from late October through November.

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