Following the artwork by Olly Moss and Tom Whalen seen last week featuring Black Widow and Hawkeye those pesky Assembling Avengers are now complete with four new posters debuting around the web and jolly splendid they look too.

Appearing first on we have Thor by Martin Ansin, Captain America looking very patriotic over at Wired,  Kevin Tong’s Iron Man (and variant) at io9 and the Hulk being green and angry at Badass Digest. Eyes on Mondo’s twitter for when they go on sale.

We are expecting a final poster bringing each of the superhero team together, more than likely it’ll appear tomorrow as the film is released over here in the UK. If you’re interested in a spoiler-free review then you click here to read our man Mortimer’s take. He liked it. A lot.

Here’s the gallery,

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