Judge Dredd’s Going For the ‘Urban’ Look


Following the scoop from Bleeding Cool last month, Empire brings news from Movie-Con this evening that New Zealander Karl Urban has definitely been confirmed as Judge Dredd in the upcoming rebooted.

This is great news for fans of the infamous Mega-City One lawman. Urban is a fine character actor, and thanks to his winning turn as McCoy in last year’s Star Trek, I’m confident that he can do justice (no pun intended) to the role.

The makers have also confirmed that Dredd’s helmet won’t be removed (one of the many painful concessions in the Stallone version) and that long time Dredd scribe John Wagner has had a hand in every aspect of the development. It’s being shot in Johannesburg and the makers have (wisely) brought onboard crew members who worked on last year’s South African-set sci-fi, District 9.

This is the film I’ve been waiting for every since picking up a copy of the 2000AD Summer Special on my holiday in Gt Yarmouth way back in 1987!

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  • Garynorton1

    This is great news! Karl is a much better fit than Stallone ever was and he is something of fan of the original comic book incarnation. Stallone twisted the character and production with his ” A” star muscle and then had the gall to lay all the blame at the inexperienced directors feet. The team from District 9 should mean it has a real futuristic feel. Get ready for some hard hitting action!

  • [A]

    I think the helmet will be removed, but the face will never be shown — Urban said something like before..