Hit Yourself with the first 10 Minutes of Sucker Punch

Hit Yourself with the first 10 Minutes of Sucker Punch


With Zack Snyder firmly with ensconced with the Man of Steel at the moment there’s time to look back at his last film – the divisive Sucker Punch.

Out on Blu-ray and DVD today the first ten minutes of Snyder’s stylised violence are available to watch today in order that you might want to know more and take a closer look, which is something our man Craig Skinner did and you can find out what he thought of Snyder’s film, and the subsequent reaction to it, in his post Why Sucker Punch Deserves a Second Chance, which will hit the site in about half an hour.

There’s an extra 17 minutes included on the Blu-ray and we’ll be taking a look to see if those extras seconds of graphic gunplay can put a new spin on a film that provoked a storm of critical shouting, both for and against, when it was released earlier in the year.

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