Exclusive Interview – Willem Dafoe Talks John Carter, Motion Capture And Stilts

Exclusive Interview – Willem Dafoe Talks John Carter, Motion Capture And Stilts


Yesterday we published our somewhat contentious interview with John Carter director Andrew Stanton. When we spoke to actor Willem Dafoe, the conversation was much more relaxed – in spite of the fact that I’m convinced Dafoe could kill me with a glance if he so chose, although he did insist that he doesn’t play ‘bad guy’ roles, in spite of rather a lot of evidence to the contrary.

It seems that Dafoe was rather taken by his experience with motion capture on the shoot of John Carter, and our interview focuses primarily on that. One of the most interesting points he raises is that the collaboration between actors and animators in a mo-cap performance isn’t all that different that the collaboration between an actor, director and editor in conventional, live action film.

He also enjoyed talking about acting on stilts, so if you’re planning to buy him a birthday present it’s probably worth stopping off at your local circus.

Tomorrow we’ll be putting up our interviews with Lynn Collins and Taylor Kitsch. If you can’t wait for that, check out our report from last week’s premiere here.

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