Cinemapocalypse Now – Top Ten Disaster Movies

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Roland Emmerich’s White House Down certainly isn’t the first movie to see The White House face destruction.

Already this year we’ve seen a similar storyline in Olympus Has Fallen, and Emmerich himself has been known to rain down destruction on the President’s back yard in the past.

Disaster, however, comes in many forms. Lets have a look at the top ten disaster movies and see what they are.



10) The Towering Inferno


The 1974 star-studded movie, directed by Irwin Allen, was based on two different novels, The Tower and The Glass Inferno. Set in the fictional Glass Tower, the tallest building in the world, an electrical short causes a fire which soon goes out of control.

Paul Newman’s Architect and Steve McQueen’s fire chief are forced to work together to get the fire under control, as several escape plans end in inevitable disaster. The Towering Inferno manages to meld its human relationships and the characters desperate fight for life efficiently, without dwelling in one place too long.

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