Charlize TheronComedy Westerns have a long and (generally) positive history. From James Garner’s Support Your Local Sheriff/Gunfighter, through to Blazing Saddles the genre has been ripe for lampooning and although of course there have been a few bum notes, it is heartening to hear that Seth MacFarlane is looking to try his hand at the genre.

So hot right now off the back of years of Family Guy and American Dad! and with last year’s Ted and his upcoming Oscars gig to his credit too, MacFarlane has decided to write, direct and star in a comedy western about a farmer who learns how to shoot after chickening out on a gunfight costs him his girlfriend. His new tutor, the wife of a notorious gunslinger, becomes the new object of his affections, which brings more than a few complications when her husband returns.

A Million Ways To Die In The West is set to start shooting in May and it looks as though Charlize Theron may sign on to star, presumably as either the disappointed girlfriend or the wife who trains Seth’s mild-mannered farmer. “In Final Negotiations” is the apparent status of Theron’s involvement, which could of course mean anything. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything further.

Source: THR.