Charlize Theron for The Dark Knight Rises?

Charlize Theron for The Dark Knight Rises?

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charlize theron Charlize Theron for The Dark Knight Rises? This one is still very much in the rumour department, but it is being reported that Charlize Theron is in talks to appear in Batman 3 (sorry, The Dark Knight Rises) as Detective Sarah Essen, a potential love interest for Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Jim Gordon.

In a key Batman comic book story, Batman: Year One, Sarah Essen has an affair with the married then-Lieutenant Gordon, before being murdered by the Joker. It is unclear at this point how Detective Essen will be involved in the story and of course we will confirm and expand on this story as we hear more.

Meanwhile, Kacie Thomas (The Burning Plain) and Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air, The Departed) are being talked up as possible love interests for Bruce Wayne. Kacie Thomas looks a little on the young side and although Farmiga is only a year older than Christian Bale, the form book would tend to dictate that Nolan will go with a younger actress. Certainly Vera Farmiga is a formidable actress and would fit in excellently with the high calibre of acting talent involved in Nolan’s Batman franchise so far.