Six of the Best Tarantino Scenes

Six of the Best Tarantino Scenes

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IMG 2701 220x150 Six of the Best Tarantino ScenesThe films of Quentin Tarantino offer many potential choices when you’re compiling a collection with the title you see above.

The obvious choices  spring gleefully to mind:  the countless bodies falling at the sword of The Bride in the slaughter of The Crazy 88, the final stand off between Mr White, Nice Guy Eddie and Joe Cabot, dance time at Jack Rabbit Slims, the final curtain call at Le Gramaar and so on.

Each new film brings a number of show stopping scenes to Tarantino’s stockpile and with Django Unchained out on DVD and Blu-ray today there are many great moments to be enjoyed as Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx seek revenge in Tarantino’s self-dubbed ‘Southern’, one of which we have included below.

Without further ado here are the six scenes from Mr. Tarantino which we enjoyed the most.

Reservoir Dogs

The making of Mr. Orange.

Reservoir dogs bathroom cops scene 585x248 Six of the Best Tarantino Scenes

We become quickly used to the shifting narrative sands of Tarantino’s debut when we follow a relaxed pre-heist breakfast with wise cracks and tipping etiquette with a post-heist scene of carbound carnage. As the film plays on we discover more about the lead up to the job gone wrong, and Mr. Orange’s undercover identity is revealed in a great piece of cinematic storytelling.

It’s crucial that as even though we know that Freddy Newandyke has successfully fooled his way into the gang there is still a palpable tension as he describes a fictional close shave with the law in order to prove his criminal standing.

Tim Roth’s measured delivered is key to the unfolding of Mr. Orange’s tall tale. Having him appear in character (in another character) telling his story over and over (and even in the story) is a dazzling display and an indicator of the connection Tarantino has with his actors.

NSFW language, obviously.

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  • Santiago

    That Django one seems kind of thrown in. There were much better scenes in that movie.

  • Twintosser

    I agreed better scene in Django was the fighting scene at Calvins bar (before they go to his house) and on the way to Candyland. Both times a black person is violently killed and both have to grin and bear it while everyone around them is having the time of their lives.
    Totally agree on Inglorious Basterds though, love love the opening scene of the movie. Hans comes off as so nice, so friendly so harmless! and it just goes down from there.