A Wish List: 5 Characters Nicolas Cage Could Have Played

A Wish List: 5 Characters Nicolas Cage Could Have Played

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crazy cage 220x150 A Wish List: 5 Characters Nicolas Cage Could Have PlayedI know you read the title of this article and thought to yourself, “say what?” I KNOW! It’s crazy to think that Nicolas Cage doesn’t play every character ever written because he is truly the most amazing actor ever…period.  That is what you were thinking, right?  Moving on…

On a side note, I happen to adore Nicolas Cage.  Why? Well, I think he does something that other actors aren’t willing to do.  He goes friggin crazy.  YES.  He goes totally off the reservation no matter what role he’s playing.  For example, he could play a single dad coaching his son’s football team to the state finals. The difference? Old Nic would play him as an alcoholic with a violent temper.  Why would he do this? BECAUSE HE’S NICOLAS CAGE. That’s why.

As my wife and I spent a beautiful Saturday indoors watching many Nicolas Cage classics like THE WICKER MAN and VAMPIRE’S KISS, a thought came to me.  What if you took Nic’s flair for the insane and applied it to characters that actually required that approach?  Would it work?

Well I have good news for you folks.  I’ve spent the last month combing through my movie collection and using my feeble mind, I was able to single out 5 characters that Nicolas Cage could have played with ease. Ready? Let’s begin and please let me know what you think in the comments below. Which movies have I missed?


shining 220x150 A Wish List: 5 Characters Nicolas Cage Could Have Played     5.  JACK TORRANCE – THE SHINING

Now this one is a dead give-away.  I can see it now.  This could have been really intense.  Even though Jack Nicholson played this character with frightening and legendary success, I still think Nicolas Cage could have brought some extra gifts to the table.

For example, rarely do I see a Nicolas Cage movie where he’s not throwing or breaking something (furniture, faces, basically whatever is around). When Jack blows a microchip and tries to kill his wife and kid, this technique could have been employed to further heighten the tension.  This character was tailor-made for the skillset of Mr. Cage, but I think it was a little before his time.  Plus, imagine Cage working with Kubrick.  Ah, to dream…

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  • http://twitter.com/luke_richardson Luke Richardson

    Any character would be better if played by NC. It’s a ceritifed fact.

  • Antonio Mtz

    Any characters couldn’t have been played much better that these actors, Nicolas Cage is obsolete, old and a very commercial, could he has a better performance that Daniel Day-Lewis, Jack Nicholson or even David Bowie? #wtf I don’t think so

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Harding/100000145858394 Mark Harding

    A ridiculous article.

  • Dennise

    Nobody…. And I mean nobody could have done Jereth better than the legendary David Bowie!!!… The hell is wrong with you?

  • Linda

    There’s a possibility that ten years prior to Christian Bale, Cage might have made a helluva Patrick Bateman. Just maybe.

  • shcake75

    Nic Cage is awesome. Will watch any movie he is in. Even when he is bad he is good. I wanna see him killing some zombies please! Zombieland 2, him AND Woody Harrelson? Epic lol

  • The way, truth, and light

    Its written in the old testimate that he who looks upon the face of God really sees Nic Cage.

  • aku

    suprised that people can’t sense sarcasm…

  • Iam_Spartacus

    Cage was way too young in ’86 to play Riggs. Just four years earlier he was a teen in Richmont High. The whole article is moronic.