30 Marvel & DC Comic Book Covers Which Should be Used as...

30 Marvel & DC Comic Book Covers Which Should be Used as Movie Posters

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Comic Book Collage

Posters for comic book movies are more often bad than they are good. Even the likes of The Avengers and Man of Steel have been lumbered with the kind of one-sheets you would rather tear in half than hang proudly on your wall. It could be argued that films such as these sell themselves, and as long as the poster gets the basic idea across to the regular moviegoer, they won’t really make all that much of a difference when it comes to whether or not someone is actually going to check the movie out. That’s a fair point, but just because they don’t have to make an effort doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t.

Regardless, it’s baffling that none of those we have seen so far have been specifically based on any of the thousands of iconic comic book covers which are just sitting there ready to be used for inspiration. In this list, you will find thirty suggestions of cover artwork which would translate almost perfectly to a live-action poster for many forthcoming comic book movies. There are so many iconic covers that it was of course impossible to include many of them, so we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comment section before for any we might have missed…

The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Age of Ultron #1 by J. Scott Campbell


It’s rare that comic book movie posters feature anything other than a Photoshopped group shot of the cast (see the main poster for Avengers Assemble) or a Drew Struzan inspired ensemble piece.  However, as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get set to take on Ultron in the upcoming sequel, how incredible would it be to see a poster featuring a triumphant Ultron surrounded by his robotic army standing tall over the fallen Avengers?

This would emphasise the fact that he’s a very real threat to the team and seeing this little-known villain – to the general audience at least – in this scenario would easily hook non-comic book fans.

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