10 of the Worst Superhero Costumes in Comic Book Movies

10 of the Worst Superhero Costumes in Comic Book Movies

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When it comes to bringing superheroes to life on the big screen, the biggest concerns are both who will be playing them and what the live-action versions of their costume will look like. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. However, the following ten selections are the best examples of the worst that Hollywood has had to offer when it comes to the suits donned by various actors in comic book movies! Agree? Disagree?

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10. Batman & Robin

BatmanRobin 585x282 10 of the Worst Superhero Costumes in Comic Book Movies

Batman & Robin. The Batman film which introduced the world to Bat-nipples. And Bat-butt. And far too many other nightmare inducing moments which even to this day results in many a fanboy waking up in a cold sweat, hoping it never really happened. Warner Bros. intention when making this movie was to sell toys, so the fact that the three lead heroes – Batman, Robin and Batgirl – all look like action figures may have been the intention from the start, but call these costumes anything other than an epic failure on every level would still be an understatement. Thank goodness then for Batman Begins’ far more impressive take on the Caped Crusader’s suit!

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  • Kyle Armstrong

    Spider-Mans? pfftt

  • Kyle Armstrong


  • joe

    you guys are stupid

  • Guy

    Woah guys…Ease up on the people who wrote this. To be fair, many of these costumes did look pretty bad.

  • Nicholas

    You must be kidding… half of this list should be on top best costumes list… stupid

  • Sifu

    Daredevil & X-Men costumes are awesome

  • Geo

    Ok. Not that I, nor anyone else in the comments agree, but what exactly would be the best costume choices in your minds?

  • liberty tomlinson

    I agree with all of them except 7,5 and 4 there not too bad

  • Zack

    I couldn’t go one sentence into this article without finding a mistake. Batman & Robin did not introduce the bat nipples, Batman Forever did.

  • Mwyvill

    Cap’s? Did you not read the Ultimates?

  • Jester Edward

    Dare Devil>>>Thriller-Beat It

  • Observer

    The Thing looked fine except for the fact that he was waaay too small, I mean, Torch was taller. And Cap looked fine except for my major complaint about the painted on wings, they should have found a way to make them protrude like normal. Still don’t get the irrational hate people had for all things Superrman Returns.

    The other costumes, yeah, garbage.

  • Brian Martin

    Actually the Bat-nipples were also in Batman Forever.

  • LinuxMage

    Absolute Bull=$hI-T regarding the Batman Costumes in particular. I am sick of the faceless self-proclaimed arbiters of taste thinking their rancid, vapid and insignificant opinions are facts.

  • Yogomi

    Yeah. This is a terrible show of taste and judgement. The Cap is fine. Spidey is fine. And make up your mind; you complain if they stray too far from the comic look then cry when they attempt to stay true. Daredevil? Just because the movie sucked doesn’t mean the costume sucked. Dumb.

  • DrNope

    Captain America looks just fine. Spider-Man didn’t look bad, he just looked slightly different. X-Men looked great. You put their matching black suits on the list for not offering any of them any distinct personality*, and yet you have the matchy, conforming blue and gold uniforms from First Class on your best costume list. Their personality in both films had to come from their… personality! It would be great to see more varied costumes some day, but the black leather works. It works so well that Grant Morrison adopted it for the comics. That’s right, those black leather outfits are now canon.

    Also, Catwoman deserves to be much higher on this list.

  • The Dark Knight 7

    Are you loco or something? I believe you posted this crap all because most the costumes didn’t look like the ones that you seen in cartoons, videogames, etc. And I’m pretty sure you don’t read comics , because if you did you will posting this crap on here

  • Netherman14

    6 is bullshit, so is 7, and 8.