10 Video Games which should be brought to the Big Screen

10 Video Games which should be brought to the Big Screen


It’s hard to think of a movie based on a video game which is actually any good, but with the impressive looking big screen adaptation of Need for Speed on the way (you can check out the trailer by clicking here), things could be about to change! Ubisoft for example are working on movie versions of Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, and they’ve already attached stars like Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy to the first two, as well as director Michael Bay to the latter. So, which other successful video games could and should be brought to your local cinema?

Well, here are ten suggestions to join those already in development… What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.


10. Killzone


On the surface, Killzone looks like yet another generic sci-fi shooter, but a solid movie adaptation could result in the best sci-fi actioner since Aliens! The main baddies in this series are the Helghast; a faction of human descendants who despise humanity, but require a gas mask to breathe on their polluted planet. Players are put in control of Interplanetary Strategic Alliance Captain Jan Templar, the leader of the force attempting to resist the invasion of one of Earth’s colonies from the Helghast. A later instalment features the ISA taking the fight to the Helghast, and either of these would make a great basis for a big screen adaptation. As well as the unique setting and characters, the clear parallels between the Nazis and Helghast could result in this being a movie which is a lot deeper and has a much more interesting story to tell than similar releases.