Top 10 Movie Characters Who Should Be In the Olympics

Top 10 Movie Characters Who Should Be In the Olympics

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Here in London we are gripped by what is being spun by the PR miasma as ‘Olympic Fever’. So what better bandwagon to leap aboard and strap tenuous reigns around the rampant beast and produce our own piece of crossover content?

Our thoughts exactly. So, as a patron of the picture house you’ll know that sport and cinema often collide with extreme mawkish results, as well as providing the odd, inspirational tale along the way – Field of Dreams sets my lip a-quiver every damn time I see it (thanks to the luminous power of Lancaster). In this article however we are taking a peek into the world of fantasy and ask ourselves which movie character would excel at the Olympics.

Liam Heffernan weaves words around the idea – you can follow Liam on twitter here: @producerheff

These are our Top Ten – but what are yours? We’ve got an honourable mentions page so leave your suggestions in the comments section…

10. Superman


I know, such an obvious choice, but you can’t deny it would be pretty awesome watching him weightlift the entire stadium and outrun Usain Bolt by a clear nine seconds, let alone the throwing events. It wouldn’t be a very compelling contest, but it would make cracking television. And Lex Luthor is bound to take the Prime Minister hostage, so everyone’s a winner.

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  • chuluko

    Well dont like Rocky ? dont go see his movies and leave Rocky alone , how many inspiration movies we have these days? im mean really , im all ears

  • bob

    “It may popularize football in your country, United States”

  • Nobody

    Thor – Hammer throwing!